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The Power of Gratitude

Posted by Jenilyn Montebon / February 23, 2023

  BlessUP Grateful Tuesday, business soul friends! Grace is a direct response to gratitude. That the more grateful you are, the more grace steps in. – Oprah Winfrey Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness can do wonders not just for our mood, but for our overall outlook in life. Gratitude makes us focus on good things that we might […]

Lion Mode

Posted by Phoebe Mae Secretaria / February 22, 2023

BlessUP Lion Mode Thursday, business soul friends! Real lions like to hunt! When they hunt, they only focus on ONE thing. Once the target is clear, they will do everything to GET IT! Everyone wants to get bonuses and raises, but only some are willing to pay the price to GET IT. Nothing comes for FREE! There’s […]


Posted by Rhena May Salinas / February 21, 2023

BlessUP POWERFUL WORDS Wednesday, business soul friends! Words are an important factor to be able to express ideas, convey facts, and set expectations. Our words are so powerful that they can change someone’s perspective and how they perceive the world which is why it’s crucial we use the right words in conveying a message to others. Here […]

Can’t Hurt Me

Posted by Shelton "The Belt" Mobley / February 18, 2023

  “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can not hurt me” how many times have you heard that? I feel like I heard that hundreds of times growing up. I was huge for a kid. I was always taller than everyone my age, not only was I tall, but I sure was […]

Suffering Is The Secret to Success- 10 Challenges by David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me”

Posted by Austin Serra / February 17, 2023

    A warrior understands how to effectively utilize the most powerful weapon in their arsenal. David Goggins has found how to properly tame the mind and it’s unexplainable capabilities. David Goggins is indisputably one of the toughest men in the world. One of my favorite quotes by David Goggins is, “Pain unlocks a secrete […]

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