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Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working For Your Direct-Selling Business

Posted by naxumadmin / May 4, 2023

Running a direct-selling business in this day and age means having a strong social media strategy. A clear strategy is a great way to connect with potential customers, build your contacts, and boost sales. But what if you’re posting consistently, using hashtags, engaging with your followers, and still not seeing the results you hoped for? Many […]

The Importance of Work-Life Balance in Direct Selling

Posted by naxumadmin / April 28, 2023

Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? Has work taken most of your time for the entire day? Or maybe it has been a while since you spent quality time with your family. Working in direct sales is very exciting, and with all the endless possibilities, you can quickly lose track […]

How to Set Your Company Apart from Competitors in the Direct Selling Field

Posted by naxumadmin / April 27, 2023

Direct selling is a highly competitive field, and setting your company apart from others can be daunting. However, there are some strategies that you can implement to stand out from the crowd. First off, it’s so important that you’re clear on the “why” behind your business and the “who” you are targeting. This means clearly […]

The Power of Referral Marketing Software: How The Right Platform Boosts Your Business

Posted by naxumadmin / April 27, 2023

Growing and sustaining a successful business can take time and effort. You need a great product or service, a solid strategy, and a loyal customer base. However, it can still be challenging to expand and bring in new clients even with all these in place, especially in today’s competitive landscape. It’s essential to keep up with […]

How Referral Marketing Software Modernizes Insurance Companies and Financial Services

Posted by naxumadmin / April 21, 2023

The insurance industry has long been viewed as traditional, but as technology continues to advance, companies are increasingly embracing digital transformation to modernize their operations. In fact, a lot of insurance agents today make use of different platforms to make their processes more seamless and easier. One definite way to see the industry changing is […]

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