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Optimize Your Social Media Through Referral Marketing Software

Posted by naxumadmin / May 12, 2023

Over the years, people within the direct selling business have noticed the advancement of referral marketing software and how this has become a valuable asset for their company. However, social media also became a critical tool in expanding their business, such as members and clients sharing their experiences within the company and driving referrals. In […]

Why Companies on Amazon Should Open Their Own Referral Marketing Channel

Posted by naxumadmin / May 12, 2023

Amazon has become a dominant force in online shopping, but the Amazon platform isn’t your only option to thrive. Companies should consider utilizing the power of referral marketing outside of Amazon to increase their brand awareness and optimize revenue per ambassador and member. By opening their referral marketing channel, companies can track leading indicators such as […]

Boosting Success in Direct Sales: The Importance of Ongoing Training and Support

Posted by naxumadmin / May 11, 2023

If you’re a business owner immersed in the dynamic world of direct sales, you are well aware that attaining success in this industry is no walk in the park. Achieving success demands unwavering dedication, relentless perseverance, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. However, even with a remarkable product or service at your disposal and a […]

Unlocking Direct Selling Success: The Power of Measuring and Tracking Performance

Posted by naxumadmin / May 9, 2023

Measuring and tracking performance is critical for a direct selling company’s success and growth. However, applying these methods is not the easiest to do, especially when you do not start with the proper tools in your company. In this article, we’ll explain why everyone should start effectively utilizing performance data in their company. Learning to […]

How to Coach Leaders in the Direct-Selling Field

Posted by naxumadmin / May 5, 2023

Coaching is essential to building a successful team in the direct-selling industry. Understanding, being aware of what true coaching is, and knowing your company culture are keys to bridging where people are to where they’re going. Fear is what lies between these two points that ultimately hinders progress. By being aware of these aspects, you can […]

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