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NaXum Launches Laravel API for VO Profile Page

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

NaXum introduces yet another innovation and this time it is for Project Phoenix. Project Phoenix aims to convert NaXum’s Virtual Office pages from PERL to Laravel & Vue.js in pursuit of the platform being more lightweight and easier to deploy.  NaXum predicts that the implementation of Laravel will follow the strengthening of tech security and […]

NaXum Develops New Payout Configuration Tools and Rebrands the NaXum Cart Template

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

NaXum Online Referral Marketing Systems has developed a new payout configuration tool through Commission Engineer Sheira Man-awit’s artwork as a part of this year’s Project Lion upgrades. The Payout Configuration Tool has the ability to switch between integrations and update the necessary API credentials as an admin easily through simple user interfaces.  Sheira Man-awit’s work […]

NaXum Introduces Docker-Based Launching of NaXum Clients

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

NaXum introduces the latest platform innovation completed by VP of Information Systems, Vincent Paul Ponteras through the Docker-based launching of new clients. This innovation allows each replicated cart and blog site to be easily edited without affecting the entire platform.  The docker upgrade was installed on NaXum’s replicated carts and blog sites for now and […]

Hidden Costs of Taking a Best-In-Class Approach to Large Enterprise Systems

Posted by naxumadmin / March 9, 2023

Initially, taking a best-in-class approach to large enterprise systems can seem like an attractive option. Selecting the best individual software solution for each area of an organization and then integrating each together to create a customized system sounds like a plan for success. However, there are several hidden costs associated with the approach that organizations […]

NaXum Launches SendGrid Integration

Posted by naxumadmin / March 9, 2023

NaXum once again embodies its core value of continuous improvement and kaizen by completing new rock tasks. NaXum recently launched a SendGrid integration to all its email automation services. Because of this integration, the company can now provide improved email deliverability, email statistics, and more detailed logs of all outgoing emails from the system.  With […]

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