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Sales Training In Referral Marketing Evolves

Posted by naxumadmin / May 30, 2022

Sales training in referral marketing has experienced a constant evolution. Years ago, teams would grow from live training events and audio cassette taps that reinforced the skills required to grow your skills. Over the last decade, companies have moved their training primarily into videos that the members can watch, learn, and apply to their daily […]

#MLMMonday 239: Who Is Your Customer?

Posted by naxumadmin / May 17, 2022

In the referral marketing space, many people think of ‘the customer’ as the end consumer of the product or the service that you provide. If you sell skincare, it’s the man or woman who buys a bottle and enjoys your product. If you sell online education, it’s the student that enrolls in your course. If […]

Who Is Your Customer? A Unique Roadmap To Creating Raving Fans In Referral Marketing

Posted by naxumadmin / May 16, 2022

“In our work with direct selling companies over the last 20 years, the key I’ve found is expanding your vision of creating a customer experience, to treat all stakeholders in your organization as the customer” – Ben Dixon, CEO, NaXum

NaXum Reviews: Referral Marketing Rewards & How Direct Sales Is Changing In 2022

Posted by naxumadmin / May 12, 2022

Today even at NaXum, we see companies starting with customer rewards programs as the cornerstone of their referral marketing platform and almost half of the new startups ditching the multi-level compensation programs, for simpler two-level commission structures that give the majority of the rewards to the team member who is actually making the sale.

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