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Posted by naxumadmin / October 13, 2022

Here at NaXum, we have north stars. These north stars guide us into achieving our why: to help billions of business souls gamily their life through the power of referral marketing. Don’t you just hate it when there’s any downtime with any app you’re using? It’s inevitable, though. With great technological innovation comes great updates, tweaks, […]

Insight Data, The Unspoken Advantage For Your Referral Marketing Company

Posted by naxumadmin / October 7, 2022

If there’s anything absolute in the world, it’s numbers. Numbers don’t lie. You can talk big and format your sentences the best way possible but the reality is, your business won’t get far without talking about numbers. That said, every successful business makes sure to research its target demographic and uses that data in creating experiences and […]

Creating A Winning Game For Your Teams In 2023

Posted by naxumadmin / October 3, 2022

As we approach 2023, the best companies are making the changes needed for their sales teams to dominate the new year. As the NaXum team prepares to publish the 2023 Direct Selling Trends Report, we wanted to highlight 3 core practices to gamify your selling experience: 1.Review The Motivation 2. Evaluate Your Rewards 3. Lock-In […]

NaXum Reviews #256: Announcing the 7 Figure Earners Panel

Posted by naxumadmin / September 30, 2022

Announcing the 7 Figure Earners Panel

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