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NaXum Core Value: Be Passionate

Posted by Gaelle / February 16, 2023

Human beings are known to be species of passion. What differentiates us from other species in the world is the fact that we have the emotional and intellectual ability to care about what we do. What drives us to pursue something with zeal and commitment is a deep-seated love and enthusiasm for it. A key […]

You Deserve a Life of Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth

Posted by Dawson Draycott / February 16, 2023

  “Cash is KING”. It can bring abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life. It is how we acquire a product or service from either an individual or a company. The physical piece is not the importance, but the value it represents. Each day we live on this Earth we require the basic necessities of […]

Be Rich

Posted by Gaelle / February 15, 2023

  As a young Filipino girl who was raised Catholic, I was brought up with the idea that: Money = Greed. Money is something you should never talk about. You work hard to earn a living but never be so crass as to discuss the actual figures. Money is evil and is often the cause […]


Posted by Blessy Casocot / February 11, 2023

  As I finished my 14-day meditative journey, I found myself contemplating the variety of topics I went through – helping others, being at the right place, the right time, generosity, forgiveness, etc. Of the 14, the discussion that struck me the most was the one about money. This allowed me to realize that the […]

Unlocking Abundance with RJ Banks: My Experience with Affirmations.

Posted by Tami Russaz / February 11, 2023

  Have you ever heard the saying “thoughts become things”? This adage is especially pertinent when it comes to manifesting abundance in our lives. By incorporating powerful affirmations, we can harness the energy of our innermost thoughts and create a world that reflects our deepest desires. Exactly what are affirmations? What are Affirmations? Affirmations are […]

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