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NaXum Reviews: The Power Of An ‘Always Yes’ Question For Referral Marketers

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

Referral marketers leverage the trust they have with those around them to share products or services they believe in. The power of leveraging a referral marketing program for businesses is the value they get from referral marketers sharing the company’s story with their trusted contacts. So the million-dollar question for your company’s viral referral marketing […]

NaXum Reviews Referral Marketing Models

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

How do you know which referral marketing model is best for you? Referral Marketing is a term we use as an umbrella to cover the entire spectrum of affiliate marketing, social selling, influencer marketing, party-plan, and network marketing styles of customer acquisition programs. Once you know you plan to deploy referral marketing for your culture, […]

NaXum Reviews: The Key To Creating Freedom For Your Members In Direct Sales

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

Here on the 4th of July in America, we celebrate Independence Day. Our day of freedom as a nation has opened up the doors of opportunity for so many. In direct sales and referral marketing, we as companies create platforms that open the doors of financial freedom for our promoters and members. <iframe src=”” width=”560″ […]

NaXum Reviews: The Power Of Daily Habits In Direct Selling

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

When thinking of direct selling today, some promoters have fallen prey to the fantasy that by the simple act of ‘joining’ a direct selling company, you’ll make money. This belief is equal to someone downloading the Uber app to make extra income, but never getting in the car to ever give anyone a ride. The […]

NaXum Reviews: Applying The Super Mario Effect To Referral Marketing

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

Have you applied the Super Mario Effect to your referral marketing company? You may be asking yourself, “What is the super Mario effect?” and if you are, checkout Nasa-engineer-turned-viral-youtube-sensation Mark Rober’s TEDx talk: Mark shares that when we make learning a game, with no cost of failure, we maximize our opportunities to learn new ideas. […]

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