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NaXum for Insurance Companies: Revolutionizing Growth and Tackling Attrition Challenges

Posted by Diana Faye Cichon / November 27, 2023

The insurance industry has long been acknowledged as one of the oldest forms of multi-level marketing. However, insurance companies continue to grapple with attrition issues despite its longevity, posing significant challenges in maintaining a steady force of agents and brokers. Here’s where NaXum, renowned for its referral marketing expertise, transforms the landscape. Understanding the Core […]

Rethinking Growth in Direct Selling: Beyond Distributor Behavior

Posted by Diana Faye Cichon / November 20, 2023

In the dynamic world of direct selling, the journey toward growth and expansion is a continuous evolution. Many businesses relied solely on studying distributor behavior for years to drive growth. However, recent insights have revealed that there might be more reliable and equitable approaches for scaling your enterprise than learning from distributors alone. Moving Beyond […]

NaXum’s Predictive App: Steer Your Success In 2024

Posted by Diana Faye Cichon / November 13, 2023

Stepping into the world of referral marketing in 2024 is a significant move. NaXum’s Predictive Mobile Applications don’t just serve as tools to sales teams—they become your virtual mentor, guiding you through the intricacies of the referral marketing landscape. Unlocking the Power of NaXum’s Predictive Mobile Applications Seamless Navigation in the Digital Age NaXum’s Predictive […]

NaXum’s All-in-One Marketing and Commission Platform

Posted by Diana Faye Cichon / November 6, 2023

In the fast-paced world of direct selling and network marketing, efficiency and organization are the keys to success. Imagine having a single platform seamlessly integrating your entire marketing and commission system, streamlining your operations, and providing invaluable insights. NaXum’s Unify Platform is here to make this vision a reality, offering direct-selling businesses a game-changing solution. […]

Navigating Digital Transformation: Strategies for Leading a Direct Sales Organization

Posted by Diana Faye Cichon / October 30, 2023

The landscape of direct sales has evolved dramatically in the digital age. As technology continues to reshape the way businesses operate and connect with customers, leading a direct sales organization has become a dynamic and rewarding endeavor. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the strategies and principles essential for effectively guiding a direct sales […]

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