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From Audible to Reality: RELENTLESS

Posted by naxumadmin / September 27, 2022

Tim S. Grover’s Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable Throughout the RELENTLESS audible, Tim Grover emphasizes on “not thinking and just doing.” You will figure out the path, but you must first take action and start moving forward. Each action you take will concrete those lessons in your mind. Then, the actions become second […]

Commission Tracking in 2023, More Than Just Money

Posted by naxumadmin / September 22, 2022

Finding a good commissions tracker today just isn’t the same anymore. Each company has diverse needs and a well-thought-out commission plan. Sometimes, solutions even come at an unnecessary cost. Today, Commissions Tracking simply doesn’t entail just money anymore. It also covers customer rewards, daily commissions, and of course, daily habits.A good commission system will allow […]

NaXum Reviews: Creating Compelling Content For Referral Marketing – By The Direct Selling Executives Forum

Posted by naxumadmin / September 20, 2022

On Friday, September 9th we hosted 3x executives sharing their insights for our Direct Selling Executives Forum as we explore paths to creating compelling content:

#MLMMonday 255: How To Lead Teams To Build Authentically When Using Digital Marketing

Posted by naxumadmin / September 17, 2022

You’ve heard that authenticity is key when building a business online through social media. What does it look like to lead an organization where the members are living authentically online and attracting customers to your company in referral marketing?         There are 3 keys we’ve seen to create a culture of referral […]

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