What To Do When Paid Advertising Isn’t Working

Posted by naxumadmin / August 24, 2022

Online paid advertising has always been an innovation that the business world is grateful for. Today, most digital marketing strategies focus the majority of their budget on paid advertising. Paid Advertising has made it easier to reach your target audience. Businesses can now select a prospective buyer and model their ads from there.

However, paid advertising isn’t always the most profitable path for a sale.

In the paid advertising models, companies must put up the money upfront for ‘clicks’ or ‘impressions’ of an ad, even before the sale is made. If ads are not optimized, companies can lose thousands and even millions of dollars in the model.

We see companies today moving more and more resources into creating referral marketing channels, where the company only pays for the new customer, once the referral agent has made a sale actually acquiring the customer.

Affiliate Referral Programs VS. Paid Advertising

An Affiliate Referral Program is a form of a digital marketing strategy wherein an affiliate promotes products or services on a blog, social media platform, or vlog. The difference between paid advertising and an affiliate referral program is the fact that paid advertising makes use of algorithms in a certain platform to target your model audience whereas an affiliate makes use of their own platform under their own niche to reach an audience that may or may not be your target audience but will most likely be interested in your product.

This mostly falls under the idea that humans seek connection and relationships. Sometimes paid advertising feels canned and impersonal. Affiliates have their own audience that can immediately become curious about the product or service they are promoting. This is because its affiliates offer relatability and connection to their audience.

That said, it’s very important to remember that your affiliates must also relate, value, and understand your company’s mission and WHY. They should be able to connect with your company to make sure that they’re able to properly promote your products and services.

It’s important to remember that affiliate referral programs drive more organic traffic to your site and therefore, offer a higher chance of a sale. It is more flexible than paid ads as promotions are often custom-fit to your affiliate’s audience.

Affiliate referral programs are also cost-effective because aside from already creating content to promote products and services, your ideal sales commission structure only pays the affiliate once the content they produce translates into an actual sale.

Implementing an Affiliate Referral Program

Now that you’ve figured out what to do when paid advertising isn’t enough, let’s get to finding a way to implement your Affiliate Referral Program. Any direct sales company will tell you that it’s best to implement a good commission system that identifies your needs as well as your affiliates’. Finding a good referral marketing program that offers a great commission system and referral tracking will be ideal for your business.

NaXum’s UNIFY Platform

UNIFY .png 173 KB View full-size Download

The best way to address the confusion about finding a good referral marketing program or system is to implement a system that offers an all-in-one solution like NaXum’s UNIFY platformThe NaXum UNIFY Platform is the complete solution for any company in the referral marketing field as it combines different tools that make the user experience 100x better. It includes:

  • Commission Tracking Systems that are completely modifiable for each business
  • Contact Management with Smart Search
  • Capture Pages
  • Predictive tools that create drafts for social media posts, texts, and emails that are customizable 
  • Replicated Webinars
  • Replicated Sites
  • Live Chat so you know when your prospects open links and you can easily guide them through the material
  • Support Suite
  • Fully Customizable Shopping Carts
  • Autoship Billing
  • Multi-Merchant Account Billing
  • Multi-language Systems
  • Co-op Management Systems
  • Mobile/ ANY Device Platform so you can have access and see how the business is doing in real-time
  • Commission Payment Center
  • WordPress Blogging System
  • Team Training Center so your affiliates are guided through the process entirely.

You can read more about how to find your ideal referral marketing program here. Confused and having trouble with your referral marketing channel? Click here.

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company www.naxum.com and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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