Asirvia Inc Launches New Marketing Platform Powered By Naxum


Asirvia INC from Bedford, New Hampshire announced a brand new S.P.E.E.D. Marketing platform powered by Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Houston, Texas. The “Asirvia Marketing System” lovingly called the “AMS” was announced at the Miami convention in September. The turn-key platform that gives Affiliates a road-map to follow with tools to Share, Present, Enroll, Elevate, and Duplicate their teams. … Read More

Income Math, Coop Rotators, And When To Get Reps Involved In Leads


Last week in our live stream we reviewed strategies for using COOP rotator pages so that influence marketers and PR campaigns could create relevant leads for your members. A question many company owners and staff have is ‘when should I have the reps get involved’? If the company has a PR opportunity should there be a sales system that turns … Read More

Curing Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Health Claims


  If you’re like me and don’t have cancer, you would be afraid of getting that diagnosis. I found something that will prevent cancer! Do you have diabetes? I found something that will control it! Do you want to be like Deadpool and have faster healing wounds? I have got the stuff that will help you! Does liver disease or … Read More

Coinbase: Your Terms Of Service Update Is Alienating An Entire Industry


Coinbase is a popular destination for individuals and businesses across the globe that want access to purchasing, storing, and selling core cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Litecoin.The brilliance of cryptocurrency is how it’s allowed people and companies to make payments through a decentralized network instead of a central bank. As you can expect, this attracts people with all … Read More

Relentless. Re…Lent…Less. RELENTLESS! What does this mean to you?


Recently, I started a new book by Tim Grover called Relentless. I knew nothing about this book but based on the suggestion of a respected person in my life I got it and started listening to it. So for me, the whole point of an audiobook is to be able to multitask, gain knowledge while at the same time accomplishing … Read More

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