iMarkets Live Announces Upgrade Onto Naxum Unify Platform With S.P.E.E.D. System


International Markets Live LTD out of New York announces their newly upgraded virtual office and marketing system powered by Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Houston, Texas. Who is International Markets Live? International Markets Live LTD(known as iMarketsLive) provides highly effective tools and services to help traders make the right decisions in the FOREX & Futures markets. Our services … Read More



Tastefully Simple, Inc., based in Alexandria, Minnesota, has launched a new option for consultants to promote their meal and entertaining solutions to a wide range of potential clients. The initiative, announced at Party Palooza, Tastefully Simple’s annual conference, is powered by Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC. Tastefully Simple consultants who subscribe to the company’s TS Connected online marketing suite are … Read More

3 Critical Strategies For Every Referral Marketing Company in 2016

Three Critical Strategies for MLM

If you run a referral marketing, MLM, or a Direct Sales company, you have probably been planning the next steps for 2016 for weeks (or even months) now. As you finalize your plans to dominate the market this next year, here are 3 parts of your business to evaluate. #1 Retail Customer Acquisition Strategy This may sound like a no-brainer, … Read More

3 Reasons Facebook Groups Are Forgotten Gold For MLM


When most people who run a MLM or Direct Sales company think of interacting on Facebook with customers or distributors, most think about using a Facebook Fanpage as the vehicle to do that. While fan pages have their definite place, the Facebook groups play a vital function as well. When people ask me why Facebook groups are still valuable, I share with them … Read More

3 Tips To Creating A MLM Pay Plan That Goes Viral


Many people have differing goals in mind when starting a network marketing company or a direct sales company. Some people want to change the world with their product, and others want to provide a more innovative service to their customers. One goal all referral-marketing companies can agree on is that each and every one of them would love for their … Read More