Coinbase: Your Terms Of Service Update Is Alienating An Entire Industry


Coinbase is a popular destination for individuals and businesses across the globe that want access to purchasing, storing, and selling core cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Litecoin.The brilliance of cryptocurrency is how it’s allowed people and companies to make payments through a decentralized network instead of a central bank. As you can expect, this attracts people with all … Read More

Relentless. Re…Lent…Less. RELENTLESS! What does this mean to you?


Recently, I started a new book by Tim Grover called Relentless. I knew nothing about this book but based on the suggestion of a respected person in my life I got it and started listening to it. So for me, the whole point of an audiobook is to be able to multitask, gain knowledge while at the same time accomplishing … Read More

The Right Tools, For The Right Job

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The Right Tools, For The Right Job I have this friend who has a love for the “old ways”, such as: not having a social presence online, using a flint to start a fire, chopping wood with an ax or hatchet, driving older cars with less computerization, or hunting and gathering. Is there anything wrong with achieving a goal through … Read More



Wow, what a game, this Sunday the highly favored New England Patriots were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. If you missed our episode on the #MLMMonday show on the topic, you can watch it here: Episode 33 As we enjoyed food(our families highest priority on Super Bowl Sunday) and played games with the kids, an interesting epic unfolded on the big … Read More

The 80\20 Rule, And What It Means For You

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It was the summer of 2015 when I learned a valuable lesson that has no doubt frustrated many people, yet has helped me since. The lesson was learned while I was being a Captain of a tender boat in Alaska. Tender boats are the lifeline of many salmon fishermen. While the fishermen tend to stay on the fishing grounds, the … Read More

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