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In the past twenty years, the term “Side Hustle” has really started a rise in popularity. I understand that it is not a new term, it has been used since the early 1900’s and the origin of “Hustle” is Dutch. The internet though has really allowed the term to gain traction in contemporary culture due to the availability of ways … Read More

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Why You Must Adapt.


The year is 2021, the true “Millennial” has just turned 21. To celebrate the occasion the family goes out for a nice steak dinner. After the dinner the usual happens, dad pays. This is where it gets interesting, the dad, we’ll call him Jeff, understands that the world has changed. He doesn’t pull his wallet out to hand the server … Read More

The Seven Steps of Goal Setting


Are you ready to achieve your goal this year? Do you want to increase the likelihood of that happening? I’ve found that FRAMEWORKS give us the advantage. When using a proven FRAMEWORK it’s a blueprint for success to follow. Here is one of my favorites to share with none other than the legend Zig Ziglar. I had the opportunity to … Read More

Why You Deserve To ‘Find Your Why’


What’s the big deal with ‘WHY’ you ask? First a story: Being the ripe old age of 20 and quitting school to follow family into the daunting world of Network Marketing catapulted me into a crazy world. This world brought a slew of new and unexpected experiences for me. One of the not-so-awesome experiences was placing, what seemed like, an infinite amount … Read More

MLM A Franchise?


Duplication – a mysterious word in the direct selling (MLM) industry and a daily topic discussed by every MLM Chief Marketing Officer and their owners. How do we create duplication amongst our distributor base? How do we create systems which promote duplication? How do we build a story around our amazing product which enables our distributors to easily share? How … Read More

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