3 Lessons Every MLM Can Learn From UBER’s Disruptive Technology Today


What a world we live in. Every day it seems that new technology is completely changing is completely revolutionizing the way we do life. From how we shop, to what we eat, to the way we get around town. Investopedia defines a Disruptive Technology as “A technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force … Read More

Who is on your content team?


Who is on your content team? This is a critical question to anyone running a referral marketing company today. Whether you are in MLM, Direct Sales, or Affiliate Marketing, all the people referring your company to others will be MORE effective with quality content. I was speaking at the MLM Startup Convention in Las Vegas end of last month and … Read More

Now That Donald Trump Is President, Do MLM’s Still Need Retail Customers?


Last week I was attending the 1st MLM Startup Convention of 2017 put on by Mike Sheffield and Jeff Babner in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the room where dozens of manufacturing companies, entrepreneurs, and MLM veteran distributors all eagerly digging into the topic of starting their own MLM, Party Plan, or Direct Sales company. In the hall, I heard an … Read More

Entrepreneur Life Announces MyElifePro Powered By Naxum


Entrepreneur Life out of Gilbert, Arizona has announced the brand new MyElifePro Platform powered by Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC. The platform is a lead generation and viral marketing suite for the company’s E-ffilliates to promote the courses and remarkable entrepreneurial education inside of Entrepreneur Life today. It follows the proven Naxum S.P.E.E.D. methodology of Sharing, Presenting, Enrolling, Elevating, and Duplicating customers to … Read More

3 Things You Should Be Doing To Prepare Your MLM To Dominate In 2017 Now


Here is our TOP 3 list for 2017, enjoy! #1 Customers Customers Customers! How many new retail customers a month are coming into your business? Is it 10% of your business? 60%? 90%? The trend today in MLM from all the government agencies is to INCREASE that retail customer count. The more retail customers you have in a ratio to … Read More

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