You Deserve a Life of Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth

Posted by Dawson Draycott / February 16, 2023


“Cash is KING”. It can bring abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life. It is how we acquire a product or service from either an individual or a company. The physical piece is not the importance, but the value it represents. Each day we live on this Earth we require the basic necessities of life (food, water, shelter) which rely on some sort of payment in the representation of cash, coins, or digital assets that can be used in the exchange. After listening to “Be Rich” by RJ Banks for the last fourteen days, my perspective of where I want to be and where I deserve to be in the social class status has shifted. I never really knew where to begin in my efforts toward becoming abundant, prosperous, and wealthy in which I will break down each of their definitions, but it all starts in the mind. Your mind is the only thing that can limit you, if you think you are not worthy of being at the top then you never will be. The top-level mindset will need to be accompanied by hard work and effort, but I believe you are halfway to becoming abundant, prosperous, and wealthy when you have the correct line of thinking.

Abundant: existing or occurring large amounts. This is the result of putting in place the processes for your money to work for you in terms of growing and multiplying. Instead of saving a large portion and letting it sit in a bank to lose its value to a continuously increasing inflation rate, you should do your research and invest with logic. Read articles, listen to podcasts, and gather as much information as you can to make clear and concise decisions with your money.


Prosperous: marked by success or economic well-being. This is the result of making multiple decisions that create success in various stages of their career. This does not happen by chance or just stumbled upon. An individual must make the right decisions within their career to continue on the path of success and reach a prosperous status. The issue some have with success is that they think it is limited or thinks that once another person besides them has success then they won’t be able to do the same for themselves, which in terms only hurts the individual that does not even try. Prosperous individuals understand that success is infinite and can always be reached.


Wealthy: a large number of valuable material possessions or resources. This can be obtained in one of two ways; self-made or inherited. Self-made means that an individual followed their own path and worked with mentors and colleagues in an effort to create wealth for themselves. Finding success in their specific career field rewarded them with large amounts of money and resources. Then inherited would refer to the acquiring of money or property as an heir at the death of the previous holder. This is obviously not held to the same standard as being self-made, but an unfortunate way for some to fall into the wealthy category.


My understanding of becoming abundant, prosperous, and wealthy was much clearer after listening to the audio track. Each day, I picked up on different information that RJ Banks was revealing. I listened to the exact same audio track for fourteen days straight, but my mind zeroed in on a specific phrase or statement that was made one day and jumped right over it the next. Amongst the fourteen-minute-long dialogue, the core message of becoming abundant, prosperous, and wealthy did not change. Before those elements will become a part of my life, I must believe that I truly deserve them in my heart, mind, and soul. You must be all in and give your maximum effort at all times. Committing half-assed or giving up is not an option. Know where you are at and know where you want to be, then all you have to do is connect the dots. Do the extra work that you were not doing before. Surround yourself with people that have already found success in your specific field and be inquisitive about those processes. Eventually, information and knowledge will be shared and you will be one step closer to finding your own success. Take the small crumbs and run with them. Each step forward is in the right direction and you will not be in the same place a year from now. You will look back and be proud that you took those simple steps toward a life of abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Dawson Draycott

About the Author

Dawson graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He went to work for a top-tier EPC corporation in Houston. The company assigned Dawson as a field engineer for a project being built in Louisiana, where he figured out that was not his life’s plan. He would then move back to Houston and eventually rekindle a long friendship with Rodd Kirby. Through many in-depth conversations and internal dialogue, Dawson’s true WHY was revealed. With the help of BlessUP, he has been able to refocus his mind and maximize his actions toward achieving his aspirations. BlessUP has put Dawson’s life back on track with the mission he set out as a kid, to become a business professional through racing motorcycles. He looks to the future with high expectations of himself and will share his testimony of the life-changing opportunities BlessUP has revealed. It all begins with your mind.

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