Last night I was asked to speak on a clients national webinar and was once again reminded of the importance of UNIFYING a companies messages, systems, and processes.

A distributors confused mind does nothing&lt and when there is not a clear direction on the step-by-step process to promote a business, you are building your empire with a handicapped workforce.

There are great examples of UNIFYING&lt the message, tools, and process in our marketplace today. For example, Scott Rogers’ company Vitel Wireless moved to a UNIFY platform(a robust mobile-ready marketing system integrated into a commission engine) in the beginning of 2012. By focusing all distributor efforts on a single step-by-step process to share the business and empowering every member with a robust marketing system, Scott’s company(and his distributors checks) have continued to grow in an incredible way.

The secret was putting together a simple, duplicatable, process that anyone could follow, whether they had experience in network marketing or not.

What is your plan to UNIFY your business?

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