Podcasting, The Buzz Word for Media Today

Podcasting is a very unique and powerful tool for business owners. The real power in having a podcast is that listeners Volunteer to listen to you. There are no email opt-ins, no having to entice people to opt-in with an ethical offer, rather just the opposite. People are actually searching for podcasts to educate them on their interests and hobbies, help them solve problems, and to entertain them.

Broadcast networks and mass media publications have also already turned to iTunes and podcasting to reach more listeners. The media outlets have turned to promoting their podcast over their traditional radio show because they know it’s more convenient for their listeners versus listening live.

Podcasts also produce loyal listeners, definitely the best kind of listener and exactly what you can create for your brand when you promote a high quality show. And since podcasts are syndicated, meaning once someone subscribes to your show from simply one click of the subscribe button in iTunes, all future episodes are downloaded to their player of choice. Allowing your message to be extremely accessible.

This is the true power of podcasting for corporations today because you are now sharing your message and connecting with prospects and clients on the platform they use every day, their cell phone. By partnering with iTunes, this enables your show to be found in any country and for your content to easily be accessible for your listeners.

Audio is the Most Intimate Channel for Branding and Engagement

There are also many major benefits for using audio to market your company. It is documented that 85% of our learning and knowledge comes from listening. In today’s busy task filled days this is an excellent way to reach people more consistently. As they can easily tune into your show and stream in the background while doing other tasks. Or even easily take your content with them and listen with their ipod, phone or mp3 player while walking the dog, picking the kids of up from soccer, or even their commute!

Podcasts Generate Leads Consistently

There is something else that happens magically though the power of audio, it literally creates a quality of transparency, personality and culture for your company. You will have listeners that will connect with you, email you, or use social media outlets to connect with you as they already feel they have a real connection with you from your podcast.

You will find your podcast can become your best lead generation tool for your company when done correctly. You can grow your email list, get more “likes” for your Facebook Fan Page, generate more leads on your sales capture page, really you can direct your listeners to where ever you would like them to go.

Evergreen Marketing Strategy

One of my favorite benefits of podcasting is that your content is evergreen. Which creates an incredibly strong marketing channel for your company. Consumers typically need to be touched with marketing messages 3-8 times before they make a purchase.

By having a podcast this can happen automatically as listeners continue to listen to your show they increase their trust and likability for your company and products. The benefit for you is you produce one show and it continually educates new listeners about your company, product, and services. Which creates an incredible marketing channel for your business.

With all those benefits, isn’t it time you looked into launching a podcast for your brand? Email us today for a free consultation