What is a Podcast?

The term podcasting was coined in early 2004, derived from the words “broadcast” and “pod” from the massive success of iPods as multimedia portable players. Simply put a podcast is an audio or video file that is automatically downloaded on your multi-media player of choice and can be listened to anywhere, at anytime.

So image having your favorite talk show, radio personality, newspaper, magazine, or sports network automatically downloaded to your phone or mp3 player and easily accessible with a single touch of a button. That’s the power of a podcast!

Why Podcast? Podcast Are Easy to Access and Portable

Podcasting allows you to easily share your companies business vision on a large distribution channel, the iTunes international market place, that already has over

375,000 active listeners. Edison Research predicted by 2013 there will be over 40 million podcast listeners on a monthly basis and growing.

The reason is because in today’s market place consumers want to direct the messages they are receiving and they want to tune into companies, brands, and messages that engage, educate, and entertain them. The average podcast listener, documented by Edison Research and eMarketer, does Not respond to interrupt marketing, is affluent, and a highly desirable advertising target. This is a fantastic market place for any company to take their message and stand out amongst the competition.

Podcasts Produces Loyal Audiences and Followers

When you combine a consistent show, downloaded on the consumers player of choice, and listened to when the consumer wants and is open to tune in – that creates for a powerful marketing channel for any company.

Consider how often you explain and share your companies stories with new prospects or existing clients or explain product and commission plan details, what if you had your own internet radio show that automatically educated people about your company? The power of podcasting lies in the leverage it creates for your branding and long term marketing plan.

In today’s market, often times companies are told to focus on their content. However, the true reason people sign up in your company and continue to buy from you is the connection they have with your brand. By having a podcast you can create a very intimate consumer relationship and following which continues to strengthen your brand and consumer engagement.

Podcast Listeners and Benefits for Big Business Explosion
  • ITunes represents 75% of all podcast downloads
  • Ipad are taking over the market place for communication and all have the New iPad Podcast App for easy access to podcasts
  • Stitcher Radio enables any smart phone capability to download podcasts
  • Over 70 Million People Download Podcasts on a Regular Basis with projections into early 2013 exploding to over 40 million a month
  • Podcast Listeners are described as non-responsive to interrupt marketing, affluent, and highly desirable advertising targets
  • 80% of Podcast Listeners Prefer to Buy Products or Services from sponsors they heard about on a podcast
What could the power of a podcast do for your brand?

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