Why MLM Done-For-You Social Media Content Is Required?

Posted by naxumadmin / October 14, 2014

3 Key Reasons Why Done-For-You Social Media content from a Corporate MLM Perspective, is Required Today.

I was connecting with a well-known industry expert today via text and we both agreed on the trend corporate network marketing companies are now taking to protect the legacy’s they are creating.

With multiple companies disappearing off the radar in 2013 due to compliance challenges that brought the company down, corporate directors of direct sales and MLM companies are forced to TRULY evaluate their distributors actions and specifically, what their distributors are doing to build the business.

This has created the need for Done-For-You Social Media content.

Reason #1: Your distributors are not professional copy writers
Creating compliant compelling content online today is a true art of mastery. MLM’s everywhere are discovering that very few, if any of their distributor force has invested the countless thousands of hours required to be a copy writing MASTER.

This challenge is the root problem that creates our 2nd and 3rd reason for companies to provide their own content. Once you understand that the vast majority of your distributors are regular people, who want to earn income promoting you, and are not seasoned marketing professionals, then you are a step closer to creating a duplicatable system to grow your company.

Reason #2: Your distributors do not post compliant content
Most distributors who create their own content to promote the opportunities online fall into the trap of making non-compliant product claims, and income claims to motivate prospects to take a look at the opportunities.

You have seen these posts on Facebook and countless distributor created capture pages around the web:

Earn $2,000-12,348 Dollars A Month With This Simple 3-Step Process

Finally, A Miracle Pill That Allows You To Instantly Lose Weight

Erase 20 Years Of Aging From Your Body In 30 Minutes

I am looking for 3 people who want to earn $2,000 a month only working 4 hours a week, private message me if interested

Though some of these posts actually work to generate interest, all of them cause challenges to the company behind the opportunity. The protective veil of “independent contractors” posting claims about products, services, and income is not strong enough to save companies anymore.

Reason #3: Creating their own content distracts distributors
When the company does not provide content for their distributors to share, it forces the distributors to create their own. Which is an activity that DISTRACTS distributors from connecting, inviting, and closing (which are the true revenue generating activities you desire them to do daily).

By providing content, distributors can focus on the items they need to, and not get caught up in the content creation game.

Action Steps
So, what is your next step? Companies across the world have tackled this subject in a number of ways. Most have attempted to tackle it with updated Policies and Procedures. But the innovators and initiators are taking it a step further.

For example, imagine creating a corporate blog full of content for distributors to share. Through NaXum technology today, companies can provide coded links to this content, so distributors can share compliant content and receive sms text messages on their mobile phones in real-time with names and phone numbers of the prospects that took a look at their blog.

The world has changed and having Done-For-You Social Media content for MLM is required today.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, or schedule a demo to see the NaXum UNIFY Done-For-You Content Module go here: UNIFY and schedule a demo.

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