What Makes A Great Capture Page?

Posted by naxumadmin / October 14, 2014

Our guest writer today is Jackie Arana from our Naxum design team. We asked her what is important to think about when designing a great capture page and she share’s her thoughts here:

“In creating capture pages you must always establish your goal first in your mind. You have to create a page to attract and captivate your website visitor to want to enter their information and learn more. You need to make sure that the visitor can easily navigate the entire website without any confusion of what the website is all about.

In reality, capture pages are simple pages where you want your website visitor to land on from an ad or phone call and be promoted to enter their information. Your design does not have to be complicated for the capture page, because confusion on the visitors part can cause them to leave your page without registering on your site.

You also do not have to put a lot of images on the capture pages because this will cause the website to load slowly. Visitors usually do not like to wait to see the entire page, so this will be another reason the visitor may leave your page without checking or registering on your site.

As a web designer I prefer to create minimal design for the capture page. It is important that you are direct, user friendly, and thorough. Most important, a good capture page understands and addresses the customer’s need and provides a solution if they register.”

— Jackie Arana

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