Trevo LLC™ to Provide Corporate Marketing System Globally

Posted by naxumadmin / October 14, 2014

Trévo LLC™ out of Oklahoma City, OK and Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Houston, Texas have collaborated to integrate the TrevoBuilder system company wide.

Trevo has elected to have every distributor in the company use the system. Pairing a basic member plan with the distributors autoship, Mark Steven’s at Trévo LLC™ is on the cutting edge of MLM CEO culture by setting the standard for companies all over the world. Distributors need an easy to use system to get real results and Trévo is committed to that excellence.

About Mark and Holli Stevens

Mark is well-known as a successful business owner, entrepreneur, leader, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and humanitarian. The journey toward the creation of Trévo™ actually began years ago when Mark A. Stevens, CEO and founder of Trévo™, was a young man of just 16. While still in high school, Mark discovered his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for excellence as he became the owner of a soon-to-be nationally recognized music company. From the very beginning of his journey toward legendary business success, Mark challenged the “status quo” of corporate leadership as he divided his time between studies and running a successful business. Drawing upon his ever-expanding business expertise, Mark went on to build several successful corporations.

He has successfully built multi-million dollar companies as well as successful network marketing organizations of tens of thousands. Mark is listed in Who’s Who in Corporate America and has served on the national industry Board of Directors for CBA as well as Chairman of the Board for ECA. Currently, he is serving on a major ministry Board and a charity Board.

Mark is author of Natural Secrets Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know About, in which he shares the secrets of achieving good health naturally. This fascinating read details how nature’s bounty of nutrients can keep us healthy without harmful chemicals.

His profound knowledge and insight into the world of network marketing led to his selection as a contributing author in the best-selling Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing, a book combining the wisdom of 37 of the top network marketers in the world as they each share their most preciously guarded secrets to building extreme wealth.

Mark’s speaking engagements as a motivational speaker and success coach have allowed him to travel the world sharing his passion for teaching others how to enjoy a life of freedom and prosperity. As the driving force of Trévo™, Mark’s visionary leadership has not only created spectacular six-figure incomes for untold thousands of people worldwide, but has also touched the hearts and minds of many more with his message of hope, freedom and a life without limits.


Holli Stevens is an accomplished businesswoman in her own right. She has been nationally recognized as a top salesperson, having received a number of prestigious sales awards for consistently generating millions of dollars in sales. Holli has also been recognized as a top recruiter in the network marketing industry.

Holli is an integral part of Trévo’s™ daily operations, bringing her wisdom – both in business and in life – as well as her grace and compassionate heart. Recognizing the power of teamwork and integrity, Holli is a driving force here at Trévo™ as she helps the Trévo™ corporate team and Life and Health Coaches alike discover and nurture their talents and gifts to excel in life.

Other facets of Holli’s leadership skills at Trévo™ include negotiation, at which she is a master, and working with the international division of our company.


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