The Right Tools, For The Right Job

Posted by naxumadmin / February 14, 2018

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The Right Tools, For The Right Job

I have this friend who has a love for the “old ways”, such as: not having a social presence online, using a flint to start a fire, chopping wood with an ax or hatchet, driving older cars with less computerization, or hunting and gathering.

Is there anything wrong with achieving a goal through these means?
Not at all

Imagine you could time travel back to the early 1700’s. Standard practice was to gather wood during the summer and fall time so you could burn it for heat in the winter.

So we’re in New Hampshire in 1742 on our time travel mission and we’ve brought with us a chainsaw and a gallon of gasoline. As we’re strolling the forest of NH we come across a man, call him Tom, swinging an ax, cutting down trees.

Imagine now that we’ve fired up our chainsaw and cut three trees down in a matter of minutes. What do you think is going through Tom’s mind? He’s probably saying to himself its witchery or something, whatever he’s thinking, it doesn’t matter, we give him the chainsaw and gas, then leave.

Tom now has a machine that is capable of cutting his workload significantly, but he only has a gallon of gas. After Tom uses his gallon of gas he starts using the chainsaw like an ax, hitting the tree with the chain.

Clearly, the once useful tool doesn’t have what it needs to achieve it’s potential.
Back to the near future, but still the past.

Fast forward with me to today’s date 2015. Tom doesn’t cut wood anymore, he owns his own business selling men’s clothing and accessories.

One of his favorite means to sell is via internet live stream, an effective tool. Tom has had success with his live streams, sometimes selling hundreds of dollars of inventory. Tom even uses his live stream to get other people excited about selling these products.

Once Tom finishes his live stream he has his phone ready because at the end of the stream he gave his number out for people to call him and order a new pair of jeans, or a beard brush with oil. This model works for him and Tom is able to expand his business.


We’re going to fast forward again to 2018. Tom has been successful over the past 3 years with his business. He now has several hundred people selling men’s clothing and accessories, all those people have had success doing live streams, learning from Tom, and introducing other people to this wonderful opportunity that they’ve experienced.

At the end of their streams, everyone has the same call to action. Hey, I know you liked what you saw here if you want to get your hands on these amazing products, call the person who told you to watch me and order from them. Are these scenarios becoming more real to you?

Are you starting to see yourself as Tom or someone he enrolled?

He and his team are using the latest and greatest tools to promote men’s clothing and accessories.

Do you think Tom could be missing something?
Maybe it’s small, a tweak that if he incorporated could 10x his current results.

The Idea

Remember the Tom in 1742?

He was cutting down trees with cutting-edge tech, he had the newest ax on the market with a head that stayed sharper 3x longer than conventional ax heads, Tom was a baller. Once we gave him the chainsaw though he didn’t go back to the ax, well after he ran out of gas he did, the idea though is that he used the relevant technology available to him to maximize his efforts.

The Tom of 2018 is like Tom of 1742 when he ran out of gas for the chainsaw, the tool became ineffective. Now I’m not saying that live streams are ineffective, I’m saying that a little tweak here and some fuel in the tank could boost your results from a live stream.

See, there is a disjoint most companies have when they invite people to a live stream, they have no clue who invited who to watch the stream. Once the presenter has finished and they say, “get back the person who invited you”, the person who was on the stream loses interest in the opportunity.

It’s not that the presenter did a bad job or anything, it’s that they are using outdated tech for their business. They are using an ax at a time when chainsaws are available.

Naxum has developed the tool to be more efficient in live stream closes. Once a prospect registers to watch the live stream, they are automatically coded to the person that invited them.

Once on inside of the stream, there is a button that they can press that then leads them to the call to action. Whether it’s signing up to be a distributor and they are buying Sweet Pepper Jam, whatever the prospect does after they press the button is all coded to the person that invited them.

Having this little button on your live stream is like adding gas to a chainsaw in 1742!


Now that you’ve seen how the tool works, how can it really work for you? If you’re a top leader in your company and are really good at closing business, that’s what you use it for.

Instead of just YOUR TEAM being on the line though, you, as the top leader, can do a presentation for the ENTIRE COMPANY. Since everyone is coded to the original person that invited them you can close business for EVERYONE!

If you are a Party Plan company and you want to demo your product on a live stream, instead of the button saying Join Now, maybe it will say Shop Now. When someone presses the Shop Now button they are directed to a shopping cart with the items you are doing the demo on.

It’s Wednesday and you want to promote the upcoming Super Saturday training. Get on the live stream build for the event then have people press the Register Now button.

There really is an endless amount of possibilities on how to use this tech. The only wrong way to use it though is not using it at all.

OK, that’s cool, now what?

Here at Naxum we positively LOVE to inspire people to share products and services they care deeply about so they experience what we call the Magical Power of Referral Marketing.

If you’ve been in the industry for any length of time you understand and have probably experienced this Magical Power. Let us inspire you to share this Magical Power with your company, sign up today for a FREE demo of our platform and see for yourself how it will change the culture of your company!

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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