XbFit Energy out of Brandon, Florida has just launched a brand new system through collaboration with Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC out of Houston, Texas.

The brand new XbFits.com system is empowering distributors across the world to share the story of XbFit with their friends and prospects. This powerful tool incorporates state of the art online marketing technology, lead capture pages, tour sites, social media, and auto-responders to enable every XbFit Energy Distributor to build the business.

This system will set XbFit apart from other similar opportunities as these extra tools make the business extremely easy for the average distributor to build. Most MLM’s that have “builder” type systems today have such long learning curves that only a small portion of the actual distributors are ever able to utilize the tools. The XbFits.com system is so easy to use that even the newest distributor can be effective.

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