NaXum, one of the industries leading Internet Marketing service providers and innovators behind the powerful CRMM engine that support major businesses like Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel and Casino as well as leading Network Marketing companies across the United States, announced today that it will be completing an acquisition with, the industry leaders in Internet marketing and web design for an undisclosed substantial cash buyout. The acquisition is expected to be completed by November 15, 2011.

The acquisition will take the two preeminent systems and merge them to create CRMM, a Customer Relationship Management and Marketing powerhouse. Julius Niskey, founder and owner of, will be in charge of Operations of CRMM’s Las Vegas team. specializes in custom-built website design with their content management system, customer relationship management development, duplicating website design, eCommerce website development, merchant processing and old content management system conversion. The team of Niskey designers take the time to customize each site they create to meet the specific needs of every client.

NaXum builds extremely secure and reliable systems that are hosted on multiple servers across the United States. This allows their clients the ability to maximize email deliverability like no other in business in the industry. Their modular based system allows them to plug in and play new modules as needed at affordable costs so their clients sites are always up to date with the latest technology. All systems NaXum builds are specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of each client, giving them the ability to reach their target audience and stand apart from the competition.

This acquisition will combine the brightest and most innovative Internet Marketing and Web Design specialists paving the road for CRMM to dominate the industry. The partners are giddy with anticipation of the big things that are yet to come from the new Las Vegas Office.

“Niskey’s team fits with our culture. We’re excited to be collaborating together as Naxum and CRMM continue to grow”
-Ben Dixon, Chief Sales Officer of NaXum

“I see great things in the future, this merger opens up a new realm of possibilities for our business. The collaboration of these two talented and innovative teams is about to change the game. Our systems will allow our clients the speed they need to give them a competitive edge against others in their industry. The will revel in the ease of having all their marketing tools, websites, and contacts available to them in one easy-to-use and safe place allowing them quick access to potential customer and prospects.”
-Rodd Kirby, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of NaXum

“It is a great day in the CRMM world when two companies with such focus can combine their talents and services to support the mission of providing great marketing tools and services to so many businesses. The Niskey CRMM users will continue to receive top notch service and be able to maximize the tools they will have have available to them. Seeing business grow and having the communication to reach their prospects at the speed they desire has always been the Niskey focus. Having the opportunity to join the Powerhouse CRMM Leader NaXum Systems was the best move for the Niskey team.”
-Julius Niskey, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of
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