Optimize Your Social Media Through Referral Marketing Software

Posted by Ann Escalante / May 12, 2023

Over the years, people within the direct selling business have noticed the advancement of referral marketing software and how this has become a valuable asset for their company.

However, social media also became a critical tool in expanding their business, such as members and clients sharing their experiences within the company and driving referrals. In this article, we talk about how to use referral marketing software to leverage social media.

Social media has grown to be a powerful tool in the direct selling business because of its massive reach to anyone. With many different options for social media platforms, you have a variety of spaces to reach out and connect with prospects in a very short time. However, social media does not always utilize your performance data to its full potential because it often lacks tracking and analyzing tools.

Using referral marketing software, your company can share valuable information from several social media platforms. Whether it be incentives for joining as a member or shareable referral links, this ability makes reaching a wider audience easier and more effective.

With the vast opportunity of interactions in social media, a unified system like NaXum’s UNIFY tracks and analyzes these actions with clients and members into insight data.

NaXum’s platform also tracks how you gained customers so you can optimize to grow even more clients and members. Your members can then make informed decisions and build stronger relationships with clients and prospects through the insight data gathered within your referral marketing software.

To conclude, using referral marketing software to leverage social media opens a massive opportunity to grow your direct-selling company’s customer base and referrals. Using the right referral marketing software that integrates several social media sites into one simple click offers convenience to its users. 

The software also advises you through insight data by tracking and analyzing your team member’s performance in the system. Well-informed decisions lead your members in building a stronger, wider customer base and benefit them through the incentives you can offer by tracking their performance in real-time, strengthening the bond between leaders and members within your direct selling company.

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Ann Escalante


Ann Escalante is a Marketing Champ on NaXum's marketing team. She graduated from University of the Philippines Open University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Multimedia Arts back in 2021, working with digital media and information management. She is inspired to apply NaXum’s core values in both her work and personal life. She always believes that no matter how small the task is, there is always an opportunity to improve.

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