NaXum Reviews: 3 Keys To Creating A Remarkable Referral Marketing Channel

Posted by naxumadmin / December 20, 2022

When opening up a referral marketing channel in 2022, you have to think beyond the expected requirements of a referral marketing platform. 

We won’t be covering requirements that are ‘givens’ in the context of referral marketing software. Of course, you’ll need to be able to track sales, payout commissions, and provide reporting to your salespeople.

What do you need in place today to be remarkable?

First: An Experience Beyond The Link

Years ago organizations would install simple affiliate programs to open referral marketing channels and send promoters out into the marketplace with nothing more than a replicated link.

Today the expectations are far greater than giving your affiliates a simple link.

Companies today provide done-for-you social media content, replicated blog articles, coded webinar links, landing pages, predictive apps, and training to maximize their members success.

At NaXum, we have been powering companies that desire to bring more than just an affiliate link to their promoters for over 20 years since our founder started the business in 1999. 

We see clients regularly go as far as configuring predictive mobile apps that ‘feel like’ a top leader sitting next to the newest affiliate on the team ‘suggesting’ what to do next. 

With the rise of the gig economy, the expectations are that even your affiliate program would be a curated experience that sets up your newest promoters for success. 

Second: Feedback Loops For Decision Making

When a company moves beyond having only a link for promoters to share to a robust ecosystem, new opportunities for feedback loops in data occur. 

You can move beyond making decisions based entirely on last month’s transactions or lifetime value of a customer statistics, and get real insights into the exact content and parts of your story that the affiliates are willing to share and the part that is giving you results. 

As companies create and manage social media content libraries for members to promote from, data can be extracted sharing which content affiliates are willing to share as well as which content is actually driving guests to the shopping cart. 

When predictive apps are in play, companies can track the text messages members send when promoting, and know exactly which hooks and stories are driving engagement and bringing affiliates trusted contacts into the sales process. 

Third: A Community For Support

Members are always more successful when they have a community to go through the journey with together.

Community can look very different depending on your companies culture.

-Community could mean a collaborative Facebook Group where members share their successes and challenges with each other.

-Community can be competitive dashboards that display who is taking the most daily action to grow a brand, most invites, or even most time spent watching training videos.

-Community can be a weekly zoom webinar, hosted by your team for all the affiliates to come to and be recognized for their achievements and learn new skills to grow. 

Final Thoughts

Referral marketing remains a remarkably powerful vehicle to grow your company.

As a channel, you can leverage the trust your post passionate fans have earned with their social circles and can enjoy that trust as they share their experience with your products and services.

You’re not alone in creating a referral marketing channel. Many companies are engaging in the referral space. The key to your success will be the experience you are able to deliver to your promoters and the success they are able to achieve from what you have created.

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About Ben:
Ben Dixon loves referral marketing. His family found direct sales back in 2006 and had success using technology to create home-based businesses. Since 2010, Ben has focused on serving referral marketing, party plan, mlm, and direct sales companies across the globe with the technology they require to empower their passionate fans to virally grow their businesses.

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