NaXum Promotes From Within With New Client WOW Managers, Technical Production Manager, and HR Champions

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

Naxum lives out its Promote from Within core value once more by promoting more team members to new seats.

Naxum lives out its Promote from Within core value once more by promoting more team members to new seats. More recently, six people were moved to new seats, four of whom as Client WOW Managers, one as Technical Production Manager of the Core Tech Team, and two as Human Resources (HR) Champions. 

NaXum’s new Client WOW Managers are Rexa Into, Amabel Buro, Maya Apilis, and Shiela Millan. They are accountable for ensuring the company’s business partners are led to have a successful, WOW-quality launch and post-launch experience. They know the ins and outs of the client’s production and integrate expectations throughout the platform development in collaboration with the company’s Technical Production Managers.

Technical Production Managers lead the creation of user stories and their deployment to scrum teams’ assembly line. Shayne Endrina, one of the jumpers, now fills the Technical Production Manager seat for the Core Tech team following the series of promotions. 

Furthermore, Christine Mondejar and Abby Bacalso were also chosen as new HR Champions. They are responsible for protecting NaXum’s WHY, core values, and North Stars with 10X passion, accountability, and integrity. They also manage the hiring process ensuring to fill the company’s human resources with only the right people.

As of this posting, NaXum is still hiring for the following seats:
Front-end Developers
Back-end Engineers
MobApp Engineers
UI Designers
Sales Champion
Marketing Champion
Client Champion

Interested applicants can visit the company website at or send their application to [email protected].

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