NaXum Press Release: NaXum Launches the Run Commission Tool and the Laravel API Category Manager for Project Phoenix

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

In line with NaXum’s pursuit of the core value of Kaizen and never-ending improvement, the company has yet again completed wins for Project Phoenix.

Project Phoenix is NaXum’s project to migrate the virtual office pages from PERL to Laravel and Vue.js, making the platform even more easier to deploy. 

Commissions Engineer Erwin John Ibañez completed the first task of the integration of the back-end APIs needed for the Run Commission Tool so all of its functionalities from the current virtual office is now available and working in Vue.js in the Project Phoenix Platform. 

On another note, VP of Core Tech, Norfelyn Almonicar also finished creating the Laravel APIs for the virtual office’s Change Password, Add Member (Profiler), and Category Manager pages. 

These wins are just some of NaXum’s milestones with Project Phoenix in the process of making the platform even more portable and easy to deploy.

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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