NaXum Launches Recurring Billing Template, New BlessUP Player, and Laravel API for Billing & Receipts

Posted by naxumadmin / March 10, 2023

NaXum launches the latest innovations for constant improvement.

NaXum has yet again, challenged its team to create innovations as part of its mission to Kaizen, or constantly improve. Core Tech Engineer Eduardo Arboleda completed the new Recurring Billing template. This innovation saves time in client merchant account integrations.

Aside from that, NaXum also launched an incredible innovation through Commissions Engineer Abdelrahman Elshorbagii. Elshorbagii’s latest innovation is the Admin Management Tool for NaXum’s upcoming positive media referral marketing business, The BlessUP platform. 

The BlessUP platform now has an interface where admins can upload and manage the content available inside the app. This is where admins can also set up the rewards tied to a BlessUP user’s listening activity.

Lastly, NaXum’s commission engineers Mark Vincent Ayn and Abdelrahman Elshorbagii completed two Project Phoenix innovations. The two engineers coded up the Laravel APIs for the W8/W9 forms, billing, and receipt pages of the new virtual office. 

These innovations make the platform even more lightweight and easy to deploy. NaXum looks forward to making more innovations in the pursuit of constant and never-ending learning.

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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