#MLMmonday Episode 196: What is your culture? Power Questions and How Did We Get Here?

Posted by naxumadmin / June 15, 2021

Last Friday on the Direct Selling Executive Forum, we interviewed 3x stellar executives:

Top takeaways below, be sure to key in on these 4 as you listen:

– Al DiLeonardo(CEO, Cutco)

– Alejandro Lopez(CEO, Sanki)

– Tony Solis(VP of Marketing, Avere & former Head of Marketing, Pampered Chef).

There are many companies in our space that have an ‘opportunity first’ culture, where the product itself is irrelevant. These companies may grow quickly, but time and again, history has shown them to fizzle quickly.

On the forum as moderator, I asked the executives to share how they would help a fellow executive shift from an opportunity first culture to a product first culture.

Tony shared asking the question “How did we get here?”

Alejandro invited us to look into “Value Innovation”

Al asked that we look into how we train.



To see the FULL open forum and transcript, check out our post here: https://naxumblog.com/naxum-reviews-a-product-first-strategy-in-mlm-referral-marketing-dsef-open-forum/

Ps. want to see the platforms we’ve implemented at NaXum for our clients to win with a product first strategy? Email [email protected] to schedule a one-on-one demo this week.

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

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