Launching on Social Media: Key Steps, Strategies, and Pitfalls

Posted by Gillian Christi Ansaldo / May 18, 2023

In today’s interconnected world, social media has emerged as a game-changer for businesses, offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with their target audience, amplify brand visibility, and drive business growth.

However, successfully launching on social media requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and an understanding of the common pitfalls that may arise along the way. Being on social media involves more than just creating an account and sharing posts sporadically. With so many platforms, strategies, and tactics available, we often face the challenge of knowing where to start.

To start on the right foot, establishing a solid framework that guides your efforts is extremely important. Make sure the content you want to put out is easy to understand and compliant with your industry’s specific regulations and restrictions. It’s vital to look ahead and envision where your brand wants to be in the social media landscape while also considering the long-term goals.

To create an effective strategy, there are a few elements to consider:

1. Set Clear Goals:

Start by clearly defining your objectives. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or generating leads, setting specific and measurable goals is crucial for success on social media.

2. Compliant Content:

Different industries have specific regulations and restrictions. It is essential to create compliant content that adheres to these guidelines. Stay informed about the legal and ethical boundaries to protect your brand reputation.

3. Laser-Focused Targeting:

Don’t try to reach everyone. Some people may not find your product interesting, and that’s perfectly fine. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, concentrate on identifying and engaging with your ideal customer. Quality engagement is more valuable than quantity.

4. Don’t Confuse Traditional and Social Media Marketing:

While traditional marketing and social media marketing share some similarities, they are distinct in their approaches. Avoid diving headfirst into every creative trend that comes along. Social media should enhance your marketing strategy, not overshadow it.

As you launch your social media presence, it’s important to remember the common pitfalls that businesses often fall into. Lack of clear messaging, insufficient support, compliance issues, short-term thinking, and inauthenticity can all hinder your social media success. By avoiding these mistakes and staying true to your brand identity and values, you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

In conclusion, launching on social media requires a thoughtful approach, strategic decision-making, and a keen understanding of the potential pitfalls. By following the steps and strategies mentioned, you can establish a strong foundation for your social media presence. Setting clear goals, focusing on targeted engagement, and avoiding common pitfalls will position you for success.

But above all, consistency is key. Be consistent in your messaging, content delivery, and engagement. It is through consistency that you will cultivate a loyal following, build a strong brand presence, and achieve success in the direct-selling field.

NaXum’s UNIFY platform understands the challenges that come with launching a successful social media presence. With UNIFY, companies can launch on social media better because they can create and monitor the content members put out, making sure that each piece of content delivered is compliant. The Predictive Actions technology makes use of the information and data the company provides to suggest “next steps” for members, ensuring customer and client retention because of the support they receive.

By leveraging NaXum’s UNIFY, you can supercharge your social media efforts and achieve greater success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Book a discovery call at

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Gillian Christi Ansaldo


Gillian discovered her passion for marketing while working as a social media manager during her college years. With a keen interest in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively, she ventured into freelancing in 2020 and honed her design and marketing skills. Gillian believes that marketing has the power to create meaningful connections and promote positive change in the world. She resonates strongly with NaXum's values and sees herself as a dedicated learner and marketing champ.

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