Last time you went to make a purchase online that required connecting with another human being, when did you want to connect with them?

As Soon As Possible right? Immediately!

Nothing is more frustrating then leaving a message for a service provider and having to call 3 additional vendors to play the game of “who will get back to me first.”

Remember what it feels like to connect with a real person the moment you are ready to buy?

YES!! That feeling right there. That is the feeling you want all of your affiliates and independent distributors to give to your customers.

It can all be yours through Gamification.

When you are running a MLM or Direct Sales company one of the key’s to behavior is engaging your independent business owners throughout the day through real-time notifications. In the past, these where mainly done via email, but today text notifications and dashboard notifications in the members virtual office application are leading the way.

Just imagine being a new independent business owner and beginning to build a home-based business for the first time.

Wouldn’t it be great to know, instantly, when new potential customers are checking you out? What if you could reach out to the people who are on your websites, attending your webinars, or watching your videos all in real time?

That is why I love tying text notifications to the sales process and making it all a game.

As an example, let’s take a tour through the “Simple-Share-Cycle” process we use as a game at Naxum, with many of our clients.

To connect with new contacts as an independent business owners, our corporate clients provide done-for-you content on their company blogs that members can share from their device when logged into our backoffice system.

When they share those articles, testimonies, and stories in social media and their friends click on them to read them, there are ads linked to the affiliates capture pages.

This way when any friends fill out the form on a the capture page to take action on the offer, we will send a text message instantly to the affiliate.

The affiliate can then follow up and give their qualified prospect a phone call. It the prospect is not yet ready to become a customer, the affiliate can invite them to the next step. Wether that is watching a video email or attending a webinar, we can continue the game by notifying the affiliate once their prospect has taken the next step.

The experience has even more rewards for the affiliate. As an example, not only do we send a text message when a prospect registers for a webinar, but many times we’ll send a 2nd one when the prospect clicks the “join now” button.

Imagine the experience for the new independent business owner, getting notified the entire process and being able to BE a powerful connecter with the people who are actively interested in your product verses blind followup with folks who may not have interest in your offer.

So how do you implement gamification and notifications at your company? Have you identified those critical moments in the sales process where the affiliate should be notified?

Things To Remember: Resist creating noise. Only notify the affiliate when you want them to take a specific action. If there is not action for them to take, don’t notify them.