Sales and enrollment drive every network marketing company.

Many companies today continue to search for the balance of technology to allow members to leverage their business and the face-to-face relationship marketing.

Many networkers have been there. Building a business face-to-face, one-on one, belly-to-belly. Filtering prospects through one-on-one meetings. Though this is absolutely the most powerful way to connect with a prospect and ask questions, it is also the most costly method on your personal bank account of time since you can only meet with one person at a time.

Other networkers have gone to the opposite extreme, buying into the online marketing systems that promise to magically enroll prospects for you in your sleep. While systems do work to share the story of your company and prospects will signup from them, the massive amount of web-traffic required to get a result and the attrition that follows these easy signups, often leads to a high-turnover venture.

So what is the solution? Should you build your business without technology, personally connecting with each and every prospect, or is it possible to leverage your efforts and build a solid culture that keeps a team together?
Technology does not replace people.

Quite a funny statement to come from a person who is a technology provider. A phrase has been coined to explain this phenomenon of using technology and building a culture through relationships…
“High Tech High Touch”

You see, if your team is all technology and not relationship(touch), you may find yourself enrolling just as many people as those that are quitting each month(attrition).

If you’re all relationship and no technology, you run the challenge of very slow duplication with the long training time required to attain the skills for each new team member to share the business face-to-face.
Where is the middle ground?

High Tech High Touch marketing is the solution. By creating a connect and invite culture, your team learns the skills to personally connect with their prospects and discover the prospects PAIN. Your team members then use technology to share the story of your company and continue to invite the prospect to discover how your products and opportunities solve the prospects pain.

At CRMM, we create this culture from companies from the inside-out, starting with their systems. Our revolutionary platform UNIFY combines virtual office cloud powered genealogy software with multi-launguage mobile ready cutting edge marketing systems that make it easy for your member to track their relationships and build the business High Tech High Touch, no matter where in the world they are.

We invite you to take a moment to learn more about UNIFY and schedule a demo.