Hidden Costs of Taking a Best-In-Class Approach to Large Enterprise Systems

Posted by naxumadmin / March 9, 2023

Initially, taking a best-in-class approach to large enterprise systems can seem like an attractive option. Selecting the best individual software solution for each area of an organization and then integrating each together to create a customized system sounds like a plan for success. However, there are several hidden costs associated with the approach that organizations need to consider before finalizing their strategy. 

First off, integrating multiple platforms can be time-consuming, expensive, and complex. The best-in-class approach requires significant IT resources, and there is always a risk of integration failure, which can lead to data loss, system downtime, and decreased productivity

Another hidden cost of taking a best-in-class approach is the cost of maintenance. Each separate platform requires ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support. The additional maintenance is an obvious tax on the organization, a tax that is time-consuming and expensive. 

There are also hidden team costs associated with taking a best-in-class approach. Integrating multiple platforms can require a dedicated team of IT professionals to manage and maintain the system. This can lead to increased overhead costs, as well as the opportunity cost of having IT professionals working on integration rather than other important projects.

Additionally, there is the risk of missed data, as separate platforms may not communicate with each other effectively. This can lead to data silos, which can be difficult to manage and can prevent an organization from making informed decisions based on all available data.

In the direct selling industry, time is of the essence, and organizations need to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market and consumer behavior. Taking a best-in-class approach leads to delays in the implementation of new systems, as well as increased maintenance costs, which can put a strain on resources and limit the ability to respond to market changes.

Direct selling organizations rely heavily on data to make informed decisions about sales, marketing, and product development. The hidden costs of missed data can be particularly detrimental in the industry, as it can lead to missed opportunities and decreased efficiency. For example, if a direct selling organization is using separate platforms for order management, inventory management, and customer relationship management, they may not have a complete view of customer behavior and preferences, which can impact their ability to make informed decisions about product development and sales strategies.

In contrast, using a proven integrated system can provide direct-selling organizations with a single, cohesive platform that is easier to manage, maintain, and use. A unified platform results in increased efficiency, improved data accuracy, and reduced downtime. With a proven integrated system, direct-selling organizations can have greater confidence in their ability to manage and analyze data, respond to market changes, and make informed decisions about their business.

This is exactly why NaXum’s UNIFY Platform matters for organizations across the globe. The all-in-one solution for your referral marketing needs reduces friction across a plethora of business processes and the predictive engine allows the newest members of the company to create value for the organization on their very first day. The largest wins are all possible because of NaXum’s predictive app technology. The app is designed to feel as if a top leader is guiding you to ‘win the day’ through the power of daily habits. 

The UNIFY platform includes:

  •  Commission Tracking Systems that are completely modifiable for each business
  • Contact Management with Smart Search
  • Capture Pages
  • Predictive tools that create drafts for social media posts, texts, and emails that are customizable 
  • Replicated Webinars
  • Replicated Sites
  • Live Chat so you know when your prospects open links and you can easily guide them through the material
  • Support Suite
  • Fully Customizable Shopping Carts
  • Autoship Billing
  • Multi-Merchant Account Billing
  • Multi-language Systems
  • Co-op Management Systems
  • Mobile/ ANY Device Platform so you can have access and see how the business is doing in real-time
  • Commission Payment Center
  • WordPress Blogging System
  • Team Training Center so your affiliates are guided through the process entirely.

To learn more about UNIFY & NaXum, book a discovery session with us at NaXumtour.com.

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company www.naxum.com and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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