Atlas Partners Group builds new Pro20k System with Naxum

Posted by naxumadmin / October 14, 2014

Naxum System, LLC out of Houston, TX and Dan Anderson’s Atlas Partner Group have created the exclusive Pro20K platform for Atlas Partners Group members.

Atlas Partners Group is one of the fastest growing teams today in Lightyear Wireless. Dan and his team credit their record breaking success to the use of a simple duplicatable online system they call “Pro20k.”

Their system makes it easy for members to qualify and share the story of Lightyear Wireless with prospects. Done-For-You social media content and automated personalized invitation auto responders make it simple to invite new prospects. The reoccurring webinar platform and survey pages share the opportunity with prospects so the members do not need to be great speakers or even have sales skills to be successful with this system.

The real kicker is that the backend portion of the system is setup for the leaders at the Atlas Partners group to close business ON BEHALF of the members. Closing is a skill that takes many networker years to master and with the leaders closing FOR YOU, it is easy to discover why this system is creating such incredible results.

Dan Anderson, the founder of the Atlas Partners Group, wrote about his experience working with the Naxum team:

“As a career Networker I have used and commissioned many “systems”. Most either don’t perform as promised, or have significant bugs that you only find out after you are fully financially committed and knee deep with your organization using the system. I have found Naxum to be the best I have worked with. Their team is top-notch… Project management and execution is exceptional… and ongoing support is outstanding.”

Dan Andersen
Atlas Partners Group, Founder

To learn more about the Atlas Partners Group visit:

To learn more about the Pro20k system visit:

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