Adapt and Evolve with Changing Trends in the Direct Selling Field

Posted by Ann Escalante / June 2, 2023

Today’s digital age sets the direct selling business in a more fast-paced and dynamic environment than ever. As consumer trends and preferences continue to evolve, companies must adapt and develop their services and products to keep up with the market’s demands.

In this article, we explore the effective strategies you can implement for your direct selling company to thrive and continue to succeed.

How does a business leader adapt and evolve to changing consumer trends and preferences? Stay agile and be flexible while applying these three steps.

1. Have a customer-centric approach.

Knowing your customers well gives you the edge you need to stay on-track with their experience of using company products and services. Furthermore, customer feedback is critical information that enables your leaders and team members to make better decisions for communicating with your customers.

Creating a personalized experience for your customers emphasizes the quality of your company brand and helps build customer loyalty. In the referral marketing business, your customer’s positive experience and detailed knowledge of your company brand hold great value, especially when they bring in more clients and prospects from that quality experience.

To serve your customers’ needs, wants, and desires, your business leaders and team members must stay updated with trends and surveys of the company’s target audience, leading us to the next point.

2. Continue Learning

Direct selling businesses have a wide potential for growth in a shorter period, which means business leaders must consistently learn the current trends to succeed in the field. Consumer trends rapidly shift and change because of social media platforms and other digital media, which is why business owners should continue learning twice as fast to stay on-track with their audience.

Conducting market research and surveys are examples on staying well-informed on emerging trends. One specific piece of research worth learning on today’s trend is NaXum’s 2023 Viral Trends Report.

Of course, learning is not about how much data you collect and consume, but what you do with the data is most important in succeeding within the direct selling field.

3. Embrace Innovation

Embracing innovation by leveraging referral marketing tools has shown to be vital for the long-term success of any company.

We have already discussed the importance of knowing your customers well and staying well-informed. Having real-time access to the performance data of your team and your customers gives you the edge to improve your company brand and overall customer experience. Over the years, social media sites and many other online communication platforms have also offered convenience to reach a broader range of audiences for marketing campaigns.

To get the most out of your data and truly gain the proper insight to adapt and evolve your business strategy explore software that unifies all your functions into a single application. NaXum’s UNIFY system provides all the tools you need for a direct selling business, with real-time performance tracking, linked social media platforms to predictive actions.

By being agile and flexible in the direct selling field, business leaders and team members need the right platform to stay focused and avoid extra processes hindering progress in providing the best service for your company.

Keeping up with changing consumer trends and preferences can be tricky to deal with but is vital for the long-term success of a direct selling company. Applying the right strategies and having the right tools in place for your business leaders and team members can keep you ahead and continuously improve and provide the quality service that your customers deserve.

Remember, staying well-informed and continuously learning is the key to staying flexible and agile on the rapid changes of trends in the direct selling business.

If you want to learn more about NaXum’s UNIFY, book a discovery call with us and explore our current trends through our 2023 Viral Trends Report.

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Ann Escalante


Ann Escalante is a Marketing Champ on NaXum's marketing team. She graduated from University of the Philippines Open University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Multimedia Arts back in 2021, working with digital media and information management. She is inspired to apply NaXum’s core values in both her work and personal life. She always believes that no matter how small the task is, there is always an opportunity to improve.

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