6 Trends For 2020

Posted by naxumadmin / February 17, 2020

As we kicked-off 2020, the Naxum.com Executive Team has witnessed a Strategic Inflection Point arising with 6 Key Trends that every Direct Sales and Networking Marketing Company must be aware of and give strategic ACTionable attention to.

Our world, specifically our Referral Marketing Space, is changing rapidly. There are regulatory, cultural, and technological disruptions that are dramatically shifting the way communication, shopping, human interaction, and business is conducted.

Our NaXum.com Team has published a report on all 6 trends that I’ll summarize below. To claim your FREE copy of the FULL report, visit: Download The Report

Trend 1: Death Of MLM Traditions, Refocusing ‘Direct Sales’

Regulatory and cultural pressures are forcing direct selling companies to refocus on customer acquisition as the primary goal. Wrong or Right, the regulatory agencies are legally punishing brands heavily that only focus on paying commissions for recruiting affiliates and personal product consumption.

Trend 2: Gig Economy Influence

The Gig-economy influence has demonstrated that people of all ages are seeking solutions to small part-time financial challenges in their life. Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Shipt, and the likes have solved the $100-$400 part-time challenge that many families require to break even each month, where traditional MLM has always tried to focus on larger full-time ‘Dream’ income goals.

Trend 3: Personal Growth

Ready to inspire your people into action? Well, Simon Sinek says you’d better ‘Start With Why’ and he’s right! Not only are your members seeking personal growth, but they also want to align with companies whose culture has a social purpose. Companies today must be sensitive to socially conscious movements. They have to give back. Earning a ton of corporate profit isn’t bad, but when the company is socially inept, people will not connect deeply with your culture.

Trend 4: Engage For Good

The Social Impact your company makes and stands for influences both your customer’s decisions to buy from your brand; and the affiliates’ decision to promote your brand.

Trend 5: Outsourcing All Non-Core Competencies, Tracking Insights

With the advent of a total cloud computing and globalization infrastructure, companies are easily and cost-effectively able to leverage existing technology versus the higher cost of building everything in-house. By focusing on the ‘insights’ from the company’s real data, leaner teams are creating more results with smaller budgets than ever before.

Trend 6: Consumer Expectations

Customer demands and expectations for online brands are at an all-time high. UX design as a science and the simple convenience of fast and free shipping from retail giants like Amazon have created a high bar of consumer expectations.

Personally, I’ve been connecting deeply and urgently with clients across the globe to make strategic moves NOW; to rise up and win as our world changes.

Throughout 2019, I have traveled and invested heavily in the USA and abroad. I have attended meetings all over the USA, Germany, Phillippines, and Peru. Our NaXum.com Team has implemented strategic systems for multi-national direct selling companies which upon deployment, quickly result in remarkable data insights to enable them to stay ahead of the disruptive challenges.

Within these 6 trends, there are two big issues facing the majority of companies today:

1. Unlike direct to consumer brands, the majority of direct sales companies do not have the real data on what actions from their field are actually creating new members and new sales. The primary reason is that direct sales companies are disconnected and blind depending on the field to communicate directly with the customer. In each market, there is no clear system or data collection points on ‘what’ specific content and what ACTions are creating new SALES, including new members and customers.

2. With trends and competition from the ‘gig’ economy, directly competing with Direct Sales, people expect systems to just tell them what to do with their limited time. If a member does not have an hour of free time in the day, the current software platforms do not support their limited time and you will get little activities or results.

What are we doing about the challenges today? Predictive ACTion platforms change everything!
  • Linkedin tells you when to wish a friend a happy anniversary.
  • Gmail finishes your sentences when drafting emails.
  • NaXum’s Predictive Action Engine automatically gives your members their best ‘suggested actions’ at any given time to grow their business.

We’re moving companies away from a ‘reporting’ based culture of expecting members to look at old school reports to know what to do to an ‘action’ based culture where our “smart” Ai system literally tells your members what to do next!

We KNOW the newest member would have the best chance of real success if a top leader was with them, step by step, hand in hand, and side by side in their home mentoring them. We also KNOW that a good mentor is hard to find and not the norm today. We at NaXum believe it’s our divine duty to pick up the slack where human mentorship ends with predictive technology to deliver the best and proven ACTions for success.

We do the heavy lifting and perform the hard work to interview your top enrollers in each market. Then determine exactly what they are “saying” to produce real proven results in hundreds of situations for prospects, members and existing customers, such as but not limited to:

  • How to invite a potential customer to a product party?
  • How to invite potential members to visit their opportunity website?
  • How to follow-up when ignored?
  • What to say when someone visits your website but leaves taking NO action.
  • What positive media and training to share with their members to empower them to become a better Networker and Customer Gatherer?
  • What to say to a member or customer who has not placed an order in the last 35-40 days?
  • What to say to a team member that has not logged into their app or virtual office in the last 7 days?

The result is a Smart Predictive ACTion Platform where our algorithms sync to your member’s phones and through apps. At any time of the day or night, our Marketing systems show your members their top 3 opportunities to follow-up with prospects, customers, and team members.

Messaging is done through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and social media sharing that are integrated with all native apps on the member’s phone from Facebook, to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

Direct and Personal Messaging happens through Social Media Sharing, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Email Address Books, Whatsapp, with all native apps on the member’s phone via Facebook, to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.

We then bring in the X-Factor, a gamified positive media education platform that allows you to emotionally connect with your members daily to why your company exists. We know that 10% of success is training the ‘technical knowledge’ side of what to do, but the other 90% is dominated by the members beliefs about themselves and others. Built directly into the NaXum predictive platform, we are providing you a simple, effective, yet powerful way to provide your members with the training they need to RENEW their mindset and win.

What is the REAL RESULT for your corporate team?

NOW, you finally have the real proven data on what is actually creating new members and new customers in each market. You will be able to dial in your culture, your product, your services, your opportunity, and YOUR total brand messaging at a new 10x level. A level never before made possible, and truly know where your results are originating from so you can duplicate success across every aspect of your company!

Want to learn more?
To view a recorded overview of the predictive technology, take a look here: Predictive Actions Replay

BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer

Ben Dixon is the CEO of the referral marketing technology company www.naxum.com and works with companies spanning the globe in mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing. For more information on Gamification and using real-time notifications to engage your affiliates in the sales process create your FREE NaXum account.

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