When most people who run a MLM or Direct Sales company think of interacting on Facebook with customers or distributors, most think about using a Facebook Fanpage as the vehicle to do that. While fan pages have their definite place, the Facebook groups play a vital function as well.

When people ask me why Facebook groups are still valuable, I share with them that having a company-specific-private-Facebook-group to lead your tribe beyond the company fan page is a powerful way to create a feeling of getting access to the “club” with lots of social proof.

Implement these 3 simple strategies with your Facebook group and watch the results come in!

#1 “Welcome Aboard!”

Groups are a place where your distributors can add all the new folks they sponsor and make them feel welcome. When they use the @name tag to tag the new person in a post inside the group, the new member will get notifications every time other affiliates in the company like and comment on the post.

It won’t show up on the new members feed, but all the likes and comments from other members will be sure to let the new member know they are not alone and are totally welcome to the group.

These simple @name tags and conversations being posted daily display the sheer velocity of growth to all members and adds to the excitement of truly being in a movement bigger then yourself.

#2 “Get The Word Out!”

This Facebook group is also an incredible place to communicate with your members. Remember, most of your distributors actually spend more time on Facebook then they do anywhere else on the internet.

You can share announcements for webinars, events, and calls with them in the Facebook group.
You can reinforce critical parts of your newsletter with them.

You can even give the members done-for-you content to share on their own profile to engage their friends.

Facebook is a place your affiliates are; you want to be there too! Groups are a great way to get your word to the members, so they can be engaged.

#3 “Collecting Content”

Lastly, groups are a remarkable place for the corporate team to grab real-life testimonies and stories from the members.

In these groups, members are constantly sharing income stories, product testimonials, and lifestyle stories because of your company.

It is very natural for them to share in this environment and makes it an ideal place for the company to be able to harvest content for marketing materials, email messages, and blog posts.

Your Next Step

Groups play a critical role in any referral marketing company. Have a team member be “in charge” of your Facebook group. Be sure they check it daily, monitor the conversations, and most importantly, engage with the members.

Don’t you want to be where your members are?