3 Lessons Every MLM Can Learn From UBER’s Disruptive Technology Today

Posted by naxumadmin / April 12, 2017

What a world we live in. Every day it seems that new technology is completely changing is completely revolutionizing the way we do life. From how we shop, to what we eat, to the way we get around town.

Investopedia defines a Disruptive Technology as “A technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, risk losing market share or risk becoming irrelevant.”

So what can MLM and Direct Sales companies learn from distributive technology companies like UBER?

1) To Attract Talent, Create An Opportunity Through Technology That Does Not Feel Daunting

The first part we can all learn from UBER is to create an opportunity that does not feel daunting. Anyone who can drive a car and has a smartphone is confident that they can be successful with UBER.

The secret is the platform. Because of the UBER APP and the software behind it, the company can attract hundreds of thousands of independent drivers. These drivers trust the platform to bring them the customers and tell them where to take that customer.

This instills a sense of confidence in the men and women who evaluate UBER as an income source for their family. They know that there is real customer demand for what their service is and that if they plug into the platform they will achieve results.

2) Invite Your Fans To Share In A No-Risk Compelling Way
The second key UBER has embraced is referral marketing.

Once people try the service, they become a fan. Once they are a fan, the company invites them to share with a win-win offer.

“Share UBER and if your friend takes a ride, we will give them $10 off their first ride and credit you a $10 reward towards your next ride”

It’s a share $10 get $10 program. Some would call it an ethical bribe. We’re inviting our fans to share the service with others. When they do, we reward them in the process.

3) Create A Clear Path To Earn
The system is simple.

Register, pick people up, take them where they want to go, get paid.

Notice that I did not say it has to be “easy” but that it is “simple.” The clear path to earning allows people to see that success is possible for themselves. If they have a financial goal, they can easily know what they have to do to make that a reality.

This clarity is a key component to the success of these social enterprises and disruptive technology plays.

Do you know exactly what you would have to do in your MLM company to create the desired financial result? Do you know exactly how long it will take when to get started?

Do you feel the certainty of that statement? It’s creating a path and a feeling of certainty across your entire retailing and recruiting programs so that every member has a clear path to achieving their goals.

Action Steps:

So what are you going to do about it? At www.naxum.com our team spends every day developing the platforms and tools for directs sales, MLM, and referral marketing companies on 6 continents to do exactly this, DOMINATE their marketplace and be DISRUPTIVE.

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