The Wealthy Backpacker, with offices in both the USA and Singapore, has announced their brand new referral marketing program for their Wealthy Backpacker Book and Insider Financial Education Bulletins powers by Naxum. Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC our of Houston, TX private labels its technology to provide all of there marketing tools, e-commerce, and commission tracking a referral company requires today.

The Wealthy Backpacker has chosen to deploy the S.P.E.E.D. marketing system where their Affiliates and Advocates use tools to Share, Present, Enroll, Elevate, and Education the network of Advocates that promote the companies offerings.

The company provides done-for-you social media content to their members to share with their contacts and that leads prospective customers to a page where they can download a free copy of The Wealthy Backpacker Ebook. Prospective customers can also attend a series of replicated webinars and live streams learning how to earn like a king while backpacking the globe!

Here is what Wade Lightheart the founder has to say about working with Naxum

 “The Naxum team is one of the few companies who understand both the technical design of an online website platform and the modern marketing requirements for today’s digitally driven society.  We could not have developed a user-friendly marketing system without them.”

Here is what Ben Dixon the CEO at Naxum has to say about the Wealthy Backpacker, 

“What a fascinating concept! The information and education this group has put together open up new possibilities to people that never knew what they could accomplish before!”

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