Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Why You Must Adapt.


The year is 2021, the true “Millennial” has just turned 21. To celebrate the occasion the family goes out for a nice steak dinner. After the dinner the usual happens, dad pays. This is where it gets interesting, the dad, we’ll call him Jeff, understands that the world has changed. He doesn’t pull his wallet out to hand the server cash, he doesn’t even hand over a card. Jeff is given a device, he taps his smartwatch, activating his digital wallet, enters his PIN, selects a cryptocurrency to pay with, selects the amount, enters another PIN and hits OK. Done, dinner paid for.

The next day is Saturday, Jeff has a meeting with Bill because Bill has his own network marketing business selling pet treats, and Jeff’s purebred Poodle, Mr. Dulce, has a birthday coming in a few days. Bill brings some dog treats, food seasonings, and toys for Mr. Dulce to choose from. Once the Mr. Dulce has picked his own presents, Bill hands Jeff his phone. Again, Jeff taps his smartwatch to the phone thus activating the digital wallet and selects a cryptocurrency to pay Bill with. Transaction complete.

So, here we are back in 2018. Over the past twelve months cryptocurrency, which started out as a small ripple in the ocean of the internet, has risen to be a tidal wave that should not be ignored. Businesses are literally changing their name to ride the wave.


Other companies are creating their own coin because they understand the future begins NOW.


Then there are the rest of us, sitting in the bleachers watching this happen thinking, “What the heck do I do?”, “How do I make this work for me?”, “Do I need to think about accepting crypto in my shopping cart”?

Really this reminds me of a Christmas commercial from Radio Shack years ago. It started off with people in the store looking at gifts. It then had an employee recommend a Bluetooth headset to a guy and the guy says, “Bluetooth? I don’t even know what Bluetooth is!?”. Remember not understanding that technology…Also, early Bluetooth devices were NOT good.

I think this is where the majority of businesses are right now. There is a lot of contradicting information about crypto, and here you are, stuck, wondering what to believe. Well, if you take away one idea from this, it’s that digital currency is here to stay. It may not look the same way in five years that it does now, but the concept will evolve and eventually it will be like Bluetooth is to you right now, it’ll work and you’ll use it.

I believe that there are three essential questions that every MLM company needs to ask NOW.
#1 What is a blockchain?
#2 What are the benefits around crypto or blockchain?
#3 How do I begin?

FIRST QUESTION: What is a blockchain? 

What is a blockchain? To understand cryptocurrency you must first understand the technology behind it. If you research blockchain there are hundreds of articles written about the tech and guess what? They mention nothing about any sort of digital currency. To explain Blockchain in one sentence it would be, “At the highest level, a blockchain is a trusted, distributed ledger with shared business processes.” (

In the crudest explanation, imagine that you have a Google spreadsheet for all your inventory, for all your finances, and for all your client’s orders. These sheets are live and change for everyone when one person alters data. The main difference here though is that blockchain actually keeps your data secure, only the right people have access to certain aspects of the sheet and it’s near impossible to change and hide data.

SECOND QUESTION: What are the benefits around crypto or blockchain? 

Understanding the rudimentary concept of blockchain helps in understanding cryptocurrency and the benefits of using it in your company. Starting the implementation now to accept crypto for payments, and paying your distributors in crypto will help your company grow. It will provide more payment options to potential customers, attract more distributors and allow you to become more of a global company. By allowing people to pay in a digital currency you are really making your product or service available to anyone with an internet connection…Truly a global marketplace.

THIRD QUESTION: How do I begin?

Lastly is the big question of HOW.

To start asking the “HOW” question you need to start looking at your software provider. What is their view on blockchain and crypto? Do they think crypto is a passing fad? Do they understand the underlying tech that crypto runs on? Blockchain. Have they worked with companies that already accept the currency?

All these are important questions to ask. If your provider isn’t working already on having crypto integrated you will be left behind and by 2023, people won’t even want to buy from you because it’s too big of a hassle to pay. Here at Naxum, our shopping experience that we offer is already integrated to accept the digital currency.

We already work with clients that regularly use it, and we have a team that understands the future and is working every day to make sure that when we work with a client, they are set up for success. When you are on team Naxum you can rest assured that however large your company grows, we will be right there with you, growing, teaching, improving.


When large boats get within a certain distance of their port, a local navigator will come on board to guide them past the rocks, and through the channels, to the safety of the harbor.

Click the link to get in touch with us, we’ll be your navigator, guiding you as you seek to build a company that is ready for the future when the future seems uncertain.

 About the Author:


Marshall Kain

Account Executive

Starting with a network marketing company that sold high-ticket real estate investment classes, Marshall understands what independent distributors face in the marketplace today. He recognizes the importance of using relevant tools to be successful in an ever-changing and quickly expanding virtual (or digital) social marketplace.

From his early dealings with contractors and tenants for rental homes to learning time management as a bartender to life in Alaska as a boat captain, Marshall has always sought adventure and challenges in whatever he did. And NOW, Marshall is ready for his biggest adventure ever. He has partnered with NaXum to inspire MILLIONS (or BILLIONS!) of people to share products and services they care deeply about so they experience the Magical Power of Referral Marketing.

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