Curing Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Health Claims

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If you’re like me and don’t have cancer, you would be afraid of getting that diagnosis. I found something that will prevent cancer!
Do you have diabetes? I found something that will control it!
Do you want to be like Deadpool and have faster healing wounds? I have got the stuff that will help you!
Does liver disease or Alzheimer’s run in your family? If you start taking what I found, you’re protected!
But wait, there’s more! High cholesterol? Done. Need to manage your weight? Got ya covered. Digestion need some improving? No sweat.
What am I talking about? You are probably incredibly curious to find out what I have found that the whole of modern medicine hasn’t been able to discover. Apparently, doctors don’t exist in the Philippines. I didn’t have to go trekking through the jungle, spend time with Shamans, or hallucinate because I was bitten by so many fire ants.

image2Nope! All I had to do was walk through the airport in Davao City, Philippines to find the miraculous powder called…TUMERIC!! That’s right, you read it correctly. That stuff you see in the red McCormick bottle, at your local supermarket, in the spice section, that has been hiding in plain sight has all the above benefits…Or so this package would lead you to believe.

I was about to go through security when I saw this package. As soon as I saw it, I started laughing. Can you even imagine seeing something like this in a store in the US? NOT A CHANCE!
Here in the US there is a little government agency called the Federal Drug Administration, FDA. The FDA has an interesting history which dates back to the mid 1800’s. Its original purpose was to help farmers make sure that the fertilizer and stuff they put on the crops wasn’t actually hurting the crops or people. Then in the late 1800’s people started marketing crazy food and drugs, many of which were marketed much like the Tumeric. Claims would be made with no actual evidence that the product would do what it said and in some cases, it would even kill people.

image2In today’s culture, companies still market products and make claims that those products have the abilities to do miraculous things. Sadly many of those companies are using the network marketing business model to hawk their wares to the unsuspecting. The sad part is, some of the products may actually have provide positive results for the user, but because the were shut down for making broad and specific health claims it muddies the industries name and hurts others companies that may market similar products but are following marketing rules.

Companies today need to be smart in how the market good products.

It’s not smart to supply a product or service to people and let the masses decide how they want to tell other people what the product or service does. The smartest way for companies to ensure that their wares are ethically marketed is to simply supply the marketing material for the field. Corporate should take responsibility for the content that is given to the public.

When corporate does this, the field doesn’t have to wonder if they can say this or show that picture. If compliant content is provided it puts corporate at ease that the field won’t say the wrong thing and the field doesn’t need to worry about getting in trouble or getting their company shut down for misrepresenting something.
If you’re reading this and you are on a corporate team of a company that has a product or service that could face the FDA or the SEC, wouldn’t you want to take every precautionary measure to keep your company and field safe? With a Naxum S.P.E.E.D. system you we provide you as corporate with cutting edge technology to disseminate your compliant content. The Naxum platform doesn’t just provide a space for your field to access content. The space we provide uses tools that the field can use to “get the word out” and these tools maximize marketing efforts so your compliant content will reach more people so your field can close more business.
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              Marshall Kain

                        Account Executive

Starting with a network marketing company that sold high-ticket real estate investment classes, Marshall understands what independent distributors face in the marketplace today. He recognizes the importance of using relevant tools to be successful in an ever-changing and quickly expanding virtual (or digital) social marketplace.

From his early dealings with contractors and tenants for rental homes to learning time management as a bartender to life in Alaska as a boat captain, Marshall has always sought adventure and challenges in whatever he did. And NOW, Marshall is ready for his biggest adventure ever. He has partnered with NaXum to inspire MILLIONS (or BILLIONS!) of people to share products and services they care deeply about so they experience the Magical Power of Referral Marketing.

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