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Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work. Growing up in the late ’90s, I was able to catch the tail end of Michael Jordan’s career. He was an iconic basketball player and everyone wanted to be “Like Mike”. Michael had his way of dominating the competition. He had a relentless attitude on and off the court. Michael was a very gifted individual, however, he needed a change early in his career in order to become a 6th time NBA champion. This is where Tim Grover was introduced into Michael’s career. Tim Grover was Michael’s mentor throughout his15 years as a professional athlete. Tim Grover helped shape Michael into becoming one of the best NBA players, if not the best in NBA history. Tim Grover’s lifestyle of setting primary and important rules inspired Michael to become relentless in every aspect of his life. He believes there are 3 types of individuals in this world: the cooler, the closer, and the cleaner.

The Cooler- Is described as an average individual. “Mediocre.” He gets the tasks that he is assigned done but does not take the initiative in doing them any more than what is required. They take a role of complacency. They let others decide whether they’re successful.

The Closer- Is described as being amazing for a season. Closers will take the role if you ask them and they’ll do it well if they have enough time to prepare for and study the situation. A Closer cannot handle an unexpected situation. A Closer feels success when they get the job done and love to get credit.

The Cleaner- Cleaners have an amazing career. Cleaners don’t wait to be asked, they just do it. Cleaners never feel as if they’ve achieved success, as there’s always more to do. Cleaners rarely congratulate you for doing your job; they just expect you to do it.

Tim Grover speaks on the thirteen rules that are necessary to becoming Relentless. Each of these rules is equally as important as the next. I do feel like I have come short in five of the thirteen rules. However, I will fiercely implement what I have learned from this book in order to succeed. I will apply what I have learned from this book in order to progress and reach a level of Relentlessness.


The times I have been in the Zone are memories I can vaguely remember. It is as if I was in a state of simplicity and acting on pure instinct. Tim Grover states that being in the Zone is to be in a sense of calmness, fearless, emotionless, and intensely focused. The times I have been in the Zone have mainly been moments when I was riding my dirt bike. Moments when nothing else mattered and I was solely focused on the obstacle in front of me. It was as if I had tunnel vision and I was so intensely focused and confident that time would slow down. It all purely sounds like a living fantasy but being in the zone is like living your superhuman power in real life.

You feel almost invincible, nonetheless, it is not easy to stay in the Zone; one thought, one emotion, or one distraction is an instant Zone killer. It takes much practice and self-analyzing in order to find out what yields you out of your Zone or how to activate being in the Zone. It is easy for me to get distracted by emotions, thoughts, and fears. Tim Grover states, “The difference between Cleaners and everyone else is their ability to control those feelings, instead of allowing those feelings to control them.” A cleaner when in the Zone operates with no wasted motion, no chaos, and no warning.

Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.


Growing up I was told that stress is bad for your health. Stress is only a factor when pressured situations get put off, and instead of “doing it now”; these problems get put off for another day. My dad always told me “Do it now or it won’t get done”. Stressful situations when handled immediately will challenge you to become a better version of yourself. This keeps you hungry for success and adds fuel to the fire that drives you and gives you a purpose. At my workplace, I am always under a high level of pressure. It can become overwhelming at times, but I always remind myself to focus on what can get done now and never become paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of pressure. I have learned to make a priority list instead of a to-do list, as it seems when I make a to-do list nothing ever gets done. By having a priority list I am able to knock out one task at a time; making now the former overwhelming list of pressured situations becomes very achievable. When reading this chapter of the book this quote by Tim Grover really resonated with me, “Focus on internal pressure that drives you”. Run to it, embrace it, feel it, so no one else can throw more at you than you’ve already put on yourself.


There is a difference between making a decision and making a suggestion. A suggestion is normally an idea that never comes to fruition. This is a Cooler mindset. A decision is acting on an idea and not overthinking it. This is a Cleaners mindset. At times I overthink a decision and it keeps me from executing to my full potential. I am working on progressively bettering myself from second guessing my decisions. Tim Grover say sit beautifully, “while you’re paralyzed from overthinking and over analyzing your next move, someone else went with his gut and beat you to it.” I will apply this at my work place by not overthinking and making calculated decisions to achieve success.


A majority of the time I am often the quietest in the room. I am over analyzing everything in the room and don’t speak more than I have to. A cleaner’s mindset demonstrates fear; not by his words but by his actions and his results. I want people around me to know that I am not here to play games or waste time. I am here for a purpose and I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my purpose. I want to be respected for my actions not the words I speak.


“MJ and Kobe relied on their small inner circles of trusted friends – not teammates – who didn’t need to be entertained or impressed, people who understood their role in the circle and who shared their friend’s vision of success.”– Tim Grover. This resonates with me. Since I don’t have a huge circle of friends. At work, I have had a tendency to want to befriends outside of work with employees. I quickly learned that is not a good trait to partake in. Tim Grover says it best, “Pretty soon no one’s working together, every one is bitter and annoyed, and instead of taking pressure off the player so he can focus on the job that keeps everything else afloat, now he’s got to manage personnel problems.” I have learned that it is okay to be friends with your employees at work but when you start hanging out outside of work you are provoking issues at the workplace. I had to quickly cut ties with hanging with co-workers outside of work and made it clear that I am not going to take procrastination and disrespect lightly. I am not the kind of leader who bosses his employees around, but I do expect you to handle your business when you are at work and carry a good attitude.

I will implement these five rules in my everyday lifestyle. These five rules will lead me, and those around me to be legendary and relentless.

Austin Serra

About the Author

Austin graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration-Management. Austin grew up in the extreme southern tip of Texas, in a town called Brownsville. As a young kid, Austin always had a passion for racing motorcycles. The small town of Brownsville had no true opportunities for racing; therefore he set the goal to graduate High School at 15 years old. With no driver’s license and only a driver’s permit he moved out of his parent’s house and relocated to Dallas, Texas. Due to unforeseen financial obstacles Austin decided to change his career path at the age of 18 and went back to school to pursue his next chapter in life. Currently, he is working at Honda of Houston as the Parts Manager and is utilizing his degree. This is where he was given the opportunity to meet Rodd Kirby. Austin is Grateful to be united with the BlessUp crew and is keen for new opportunities and open to gaining awareness for his business soul.

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