The Power Of Positive Thinking

Posted by Naxum Admin / December 2, 2022

thinking positive

Unlocking New Life Levels

The Power of Positive Thinking is truly unlimited and Norman Vincent Peale knew that when he wrote the book. He understood that was the secret key to unlocking new levels in our personal and professional lives. Each day, we have to keep a hand on the key by enacting the following actions: drive confident thoughts into our minds, learn to believe, create our happiness, dissolve energy stressors, understand there is no obstacle too big, visualize the end goal, and never give up. By doing our part in these elements, we can achieve our wildest dreams!

At the beginning of my aspirations of becoming a Business Professional in racing motorcycles, I had many thoughts cross my mind that I could not do it, and even had a few people close to me say the same thing. I then had to remind myself of all the adversity I have had to overcome throughout my life and had to rely on myself to keep moving forward. Ultimately, I had to drive confident thoughts into my mind and keep myself accountable by taking care of all the necessary actions toward my dream. Each action completed came with a flood of confidence that I could be the person I dream of.

Confidence Is EVERYTHING

As I continued taking the appropriate actions, my belief in myself began to grow. Even as I approached difficulties in my life, my certainty in my talents has helped me overcome everything I have faced. That belief in my talents and aspirations has pushed me farther than any other aspect of my being. If I were able to tell my younger self one thing, I would tell him to learn how to believe. That is the single most important part of a dream, to think that you can.

If you are living a life that is uninspiring or unhappy, pick today to make the first change. Do not push it off for “The Right Time” or a different period in your life. Tomorrow is not promised, so start creating your happiness today. Break the standard and make your path that includes activities that excite you. As Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This was my reality as I moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana as a field engineer for an oil and gas construction company. I was working twelve-hour shifts from five at night to five in the morning for eleven days in a row before getting three days off. I slept during the day, worked at night, and did not see my family or friends for many days. My quality of life was at an all-time low and I knew I had to make a change. Creating happiness became my focus and so I ended up leaving that position for a job full of passion.

The Clock Is Ticking

Each day, we go out into a world full of negativity and energy stressors. We have two choices; let them affect our lives or dissolve those energy stressors. In the past, I have let them affect my daily life but have recently learned to let it all go. The negativity brought into this world is formulated from an individual’s disappointment in themselves and then cast on anyone close to them. Choosing the high road takes a lot more control upfront, but will be much more prosperous for that person in the long run. We must create the world we want for ourselves and not get caught up in trying to fix someone else’s.

Do not get caught up in the trap of thinking an obstacle is too big. Take a step back and break down the issue into smaller tasks. Focusing too close on the details can overwhelm and stop your progress. You are not the first and will not be the last to face your current challenge. Take the confidence from previous obstacles that you have overcome and begin to chip away at the actions that worked for you in the past.

Realizing your dream is key, especially when you are in the trenches and grinding toward the end goal. It is easy to veer off track when the times get hard, but you must visualize the end goal and keep striving in its direction. Having small goals is key; that way, when you finish one, you are one step closer to the end goal. Those small successes will build your confidence and belief that you can achieve bigger tasks.

Harness Your Success

We are all in different stages of life from one another, but we have all faced the challenge of giving up on a dream. As I made my way through college, I thought my dream of racing supercross was long gone. I got caught in the rat trap of the status quo and had a laundry list of people telling me how my life should go. Graduate from college, get a high-paying job, get married, buy a house, have kids, retire and then enjoy life. My life was going “according to plan” until I realized that I did not enjoy what I was doing and had no passion for the industry I was in. With the support of my fiancé, I chose to leave my engineering position and take a chance on a job within the motorcycle industry which I loved. This sudden pivot in life opened the door for multiple opportunities and the growth of my connections.

My passion for motorcycles was at an all-time high and I knew that my dream of racing professionally was a possibility. Eventually, Rodd and I rekindled the long relationship we had and got the gears turning for something bigger in the works. Looking back now, I did not exactly give up on my dream but put it into hibernation mode and now it is fully engaged. I have been listening to my inner self and following the path that has brought so much inspiration to my everyday life. This all would not be possible if I gave up on my dream.

Putting all of these elements into action will not guarantee success in your dreams. Success will be determined by the work and persistence accompanied by those elements. Your life will be full of passion and fulfillment by choosing the path of following your dreams. It will not be easy or short of difficulties, but it will be well worth it!

About the Author

Dawson graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He went to work for a top-tier EPC corporation in Houston as a field engineer for a project being built in Louisiana, where he figured out that was not his life’s plan. He then moves back to Houston and eventually rekindles a long friendship with Rodd Kirby. Through many in-depth conversations and internal dialogue, Dawson’s true WHY was revealed. With the help of BlessUP, he has been able to refocus his mind and maximize his actions toward achieving his aspirations. BlessUP has put Dawson’s life back on track with the mission he set out as a kid, to become a business professional through racing motorcycles. He looks to the future with high expectations of himself and will share his testimony of the life-changing opportunities BlessUP has revealed.

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