The Magic of Thinking Big

Posted by Dawson Draycott / December 19, 2022

Food for Thought

Goals are food for the mind. Positivity is the nourishment we crave. You have the choice of feeding your mind with wholesome and rich energy each day or destructive and poor quality. Our lives are like a buffet, full of various options and decisions we can make as we go down the line. Fried chicken will always fill the air with great aromas and taste like comfort, but at that moment you also have to remember the way you feel after indulging in it. Upfront, it seems like a good idea and then you wish you made a better decision on a more enriching fuel once the food is in your gut and you feel sluggish.

In life, the five portions of food we should add to our plate include: the belief in ourselves, thinking through our actions, having a positive attitude, building confidence, and knowing that we can always do better. The poisons we should keep off our plates include doubt in ourselves, excusitis, negative influences, getting caught up in what people think about us, and the defeated mindset.

We wake up each day to work towards our dreams or away from them. The first step to achieving a life you love is to believe that you can bring it within your grasp. You must first have the inner belief that it is possible and that you can make it happen. No one else can read your mind, or know exactly what you want in this life until you put it out into the world. Speak it, live it, believe in it.

Once you believe in yourself, then it is time to act on your desires for this life. Actions should not go without thought, you must continually think through your actions and understand if it is getting you closer to achieving the goal or steering you away from it. You must be your compass and keep yourself in check. This will reinforce your actions with the knowledge that you are going on the right path.

The path will not always be smooth and gentle, you will face issues and people that will try to detour your progress. You must have a positive attitude and knowingness that you will overcome any challenges thrown your way. All setbacks are temporary, and there have been many people who got through them by feeding their minds with positivity.

Each obstacle or roadblock you face will build your inner confidence. You must take the lessons you have learned and store them away for later use. That will give you the enriching energy to continue toward achieving your dreams. This newfound confidence will allow you to reach higher levels of success in your life.

As you achieve success, do not let up on the work. When one goal is checked off the list, you must have another goal to fill its place. You can always do better and should strive to do so. There is no limit or cap on success, we have to stay focused on getting that 1% of progress each day. All dreams and goals deserve to be achieved, but most people will fall short of them due to their doubt in themselves. The fear of being unsuccessful will deter many from even trying. I was once told that “Showing up is half the battle, the other half will be figured out along the way.” Providing yourself with the courage and belief to try can be difficult. Many times, I have looked back on activities I pushed off due to uncertainty within my mind and realized that it wasn’t all that I had built up in my head. Our minds will play tricks on us and try to keep us safe when it is not sure of the outcome. You must keep it in check and jump right into your fears.

Once you have begun your journey, then you must get rid of excusitis. The cancer of the mind. Excuses will get you nowhere. They create fictional boundaries and limits on your thoughts and actions. You have the power within to achieve any desire you have, but you must first take the action.

When excusitis has been cured, then you must analyze the negative influences you have in your life and discard them. Do not let the energy of negative people within your body, this will destroy any dreams you have. You will look for the reasons why your life is not a certain way, instead of working towards making your life better than you could ever imagine. Negativity does not move you along the path of progress.

When you are working towards your life goals, you do not have time to worry about what people think about you. You will be so focused that their opinions will carry zero weight and deflect off of you. This collective negativity is due to the disappointment they feel with their own lives and their lack of action in following their dreams.

The last thing you should toss in the trash is the defeated mindset. You will create an environment full of negativity and despair. This will cause poor mental health, physical health, and relationship health. If you feed your mind with such negative thoughts that you can not achieve anything, then it will begin to shut down and not provide you with the fortitude to accomplish basic tasks. This will ultimately result in your body following suit and beginning to deteriorate. The impacts will continue and relationships with family and friends will slowly die off. No one wants to be around an individual that is filled with negativity and the “Why me?” attitude.

I truly believe that anything is possible in this life. Goals are as essential as food is to life. We must first start with our mindset and be clear on what we want. Begin to take action, build our confidence, and supply nutrients of positive energy each day in our efforts toward our dreams. The work will be tough, but the reward is priceless!

Dawson Draycott

About the Author

Dawson graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He went to work for a top-tier EPC corporation in Houston as a field engineer for a project being built in Louisiana, where he figured out that was not his life’s plan. He then moves back to Houston and eventually rekindles a long friendship with Rodd Kirby. Through many in-depth conversations and internal dialogue, Dawson’s true WHY was revealed. With the help of BlessUP, he has been able to refocus his mind and maximize his actions toward achieving his aspirations. BlessUP has put Dawson’s life back on track with the mission he set out as a kid, to become a business professional through racing motorcycles. He looks to the future with high expectations of himself and will share his testimony of the life-changing opportunities BlessUP has revealed.

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