The 10x Rule: Top Ten Traits To Achieve Massive Success

Posted by Austin Serra / December 13, 2022

10X Rules

The “10x Rule” by Grant Cardone has been a great reading experience. This book has changed my perspective on the classification of the word success. Success for everyone is different. In the past, I viewed success in a financial aspect only, but now I see that success comes in many different realms. I plan to focus my successes in these areas of life- spiritual, familial, financial, mental, and physical. I will apply 10x level of effort and thinking in these areas and adapt the 32 traits that successful people live by.

The top ten traits I want to improve in my life are:
  1. Having a “can-do” Attitude
  2. Love Challenges
  3. Persist until Successful
  4. Create Wealth
  5. Always say yes
  6. Focus on now
  7. Demonstrate Courage
  8. Be Goal Oriented
  9. Create your Own Reality
  10. Be Disciplined

Having a “can-do” Attitude. I believe I have strengths in this trait, however at times I lack the confidence in areas to follow through with the “can-do” attitude. What I learned from GC is that this trait is extremely important to yourself and the people you surround yourself with. By having a “can-do” attitude you change the atmosphere in the room.

You can either choose to walk in light and love, or run in fear and darkness. But with the latter, you’re more likely to fall.” – Donald L. Hicks. I will strive to have a positive “can-do” attitude in every area of my life from my relationships to my workplace. I will apply phrases like, “We can do it,” “Let’s make it happen,” “We will figure it out together,” as phrases like these support the 10x rule of doing everything in your given ability to have a positive outlook and finding a solution to problems. For without problems you are not growing closer to success.

Love Challenges. Many of us panic in a situation that challenges us. This book teaches you to use life opposition as fuel to invigorate you on wanting to grow in challenging situations. The successful use challenges to sharpen their abilities and grow their arsenal.

Persist until successful. This quality is necessary to achieve your 10x goals. Persistence is the ability to continue in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. When aiming for 10x success you are going to encounter new problems, so you must have the ability to persist until you succeed. Many times in life you will focus on the problem and cannot see past the problem. This hinders you from ever achieving your 10x goals. You must focus on the end goal and continue on course until you achieve that end goal. This trait is crucial to make any 10x dream a reality.

Create wealth. “The very successful know that money is already created; they think in terms of generating wealth through the exchange of new ideas, products, services, and solutions” –Grant Cardone. It is a trait I lack since I have always thought that working and saving would generate wealth. In the long run, this will happen, but it’s an average mindset that does not focus on 10x goals or outcomes. I must create a service that gives me the ability to be my own boss and not live someone else’s dreams. This will be achieved on my 20-acre property. It is here where I will build a Getaway Dreamland where I can encourage others; provide financial support, and open new possibilities for them.

Always say yes. I struggle with this trait, as I tend to say “no” a lot. I am not a negative person but at times I find myself overwhelmed by time and saying, “yes” to things can stress me out by overthinking instead of living in the present moment.

I find myself thinking far in the future and playing out scenarios in my mind that tend to never come true. Grant Cardone suggest “say yes until you become so successful that you are forced to add “no” to your arsenal and start managing your time and efforts.”

Focus on “Now”. Taking action immediately eliminates time wasted. “Every second you spend thinking is a second of action you been wasting” –Grant Cardone. This will hinder your growth and even potentially destroy your dreams. Grant Cardone strongly believes on doing now and figuring it out later. Many times I will put it off, because, I feel I am are not properly prepared or fearing the outcome may not result as expected. I am aware this is a sign of procrastination and procrastination is the ultimate weakness.

Demonstrate Courage. FEAR is a liar! It will rob you of your confidence to ACT. When you demonstrate courage you take action in the mist of fear. The more frequently you do things that scare you a bit, the more courageous you will be to others.

As you develop this quality, you will gain self-confidence and become more comfortable in challenging situations. One area in my life where I feel I have been demonstrating courage to myself is when I take an “Ice Plunge.” This is when you get in a body of water that is 45 degrees or colder. It takes courage to mentally convince yourself to get into ice-cold water and stay in there for an extended period of time. When I have engaged in ice plunges my mind tries to influence me to get out and be comfortable, but fighting those emotions and overcoming the present state with courage is very rewarding and an act of courage.

Be Goal Oriented. Setting goals is imperative to being successful. The 10x rule talks about establishing 10x goals and taking action to reach those goals.

It is your moral duty to live up to your full potential and taking all necessary action to attain success. Setting goals daily and focusing on the bigger picture allows you to stay on track for 10x success.

Create your Own Reality. “Greatness is achieved by those who think of nothing to be practical and are instead obsessed with the idea of creating a reality they want to make.”–Grant Cardone. The reality I will create will consist of my wildest dreams to come to fruition. This will start with the Getaway Dreamland on my property and will provide opportunities to Dream Big!

Be Disciplined. In order to attain success I must be disciplined in the 32 traits that are discussed. The top 10 traits I chose are traits that I feel need the most attention in my life. I will strive to excel in these traits and in turn apply it to the success to achieve and set 10x goals and 10x action.

In conclusion, the 10x rule will be applied to every aspect of my life. I will strive to set 10x goals and put 10x action in order to succeed in life, for as GC has stated multiple times in this book; “success is my moral duty to myself and to my family to achieve greatness and live up to my purpose in life.” My God-given abilities will not be overlooked anymore! I will use each day to grow closer to my purpose and shine HIS light in the process. I will incorporate all 32 traits in my everyday life and strive to grow stronger in the top 10 traits listed above.

Austin Serra

About the Author

Austin graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration-Management. Austin grew up in the extreme southern tip of Texas, in a town called Brownsville. As a young kid, Austin always had a passion for racing motorcycles. The small town of Brownsville had no true opportunities for racing; therefore he set the goal to graduate High School at 15 years old. With no driver’s license and only a driver’s permit he moved out of his parent’s house and relocated to Dallas, Texas. Due to unforeseen financial obstacles Austin decided to change his career path at the age of 18 and went back to school to pursue his next chapter in life. Currently, he is working at Honda of Houston as the Parts Manager and is utilizing his degree. This is where he was given the opportunity to meet Rodd Kirby. Austin is Grateful to be united with the BlessUp crew and is keen for new opportunities and open to gaining awareness for his business soul.

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