Posted by Rhena May Salinas / February 21, 2023

BlessUP POWERFUL WORDS Wednesday, business soul friends!

Words are an important factor to be able to express ideas, convey facts, and set expectations. Our words are so powerful that they can change someone’s perspective and how they perceive the world which is why it’s crucial we use the right words in conveying a message to others.

Here at NaXum, we should be able to pass on the right information to our team and our clients. 

As our core value of Crystal Clear and Candid Communication (CCCC) reminds us: the way we communicate“creates a path for real accountability and a solid foundation for teammates, vendors, and clients to truly excel on”.

When there is candid communication, expectations are set clearly in our user stories allowing our team to provide 10x accurate results and thus setting us up to deliver wow. Through our words and our communication, we create relationships built on trust and confidence in what we do and WHY we do it.

Your fingertip prose is a crucial component of the required SKILLS towards your 10x Senior Success in your SEAT and our overall Success in the marketplace.


As we strive to always SPEAK and WRITE the TRUTH, please also be polite with your words as they are powerful enough to break someone’s confidence or change someone’s life.

Keeping this lesson in mind, I would like to share this video of how powerful words can be coming from a child’s perspective that all of us can surely relate to:


Until I SEE YOU again,

Communicate candidly,
Never RUSH, and
Always use the RIGHT words!

BlessUP 🙏

Rhena May Salinas

About the Author

Rhena completed a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She then pursued a career in the BPO industry for 9 years prior to joining NaXum. Adhering to the NaXum core values and honoring the NaXum Kaizen culture of always seeking to become better, Rhena has continually developed her technical skills alongside providing a 10x excellent customer service experience. She has advanced her career into leadership and now serves NaXum as a Technical Production Manager doing what she loves.

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