Lion Mode

Posted by Phoebe Mae Secretaria / February 22, 2023

BlessUP Lion Mode Thursday, business soul friends!

Real lions like to hunt! When they hunt, they only focus on ONE thing. Once the target is clear, they will do everything to GET IT!

Everyone wants to get bonuses and raises, but only some are willing to pay the price to GET IT. Nothing comes for FREE! There’s always a price.

Do you want a fatten purse?
Be guided by The Richest Man in Babylon.

Do you want to deliver 10X ARTwork?
Invest in great equipment.

Do you want to be promoted to Senior?
Do 10x in your deliverables and get that 6/6 GWC score!

Do you want a raise?
Ensure you have green G-Doc!

Do you want our CoS Blessings? 
Do 10x to avoid RWS and redeem your culture RWS!

The financial abundance is just there, team! We must be brave and courageous like the Lion to GET IT!

A true hunter’s goal is not the price. A true hunter’s goal is to hunt!


You’re a Leader, be in LION mode to live the NaXum’s culture and North Stars and inspire your team to do the same!
You’re an Engineer, be in Lion mode to produce clean code!
You’re a Client WOW Manager, be in Lion mode to WOW the clients!
You’re a Client Champ, be in Lion Mode to familiarize the ins and outs of our platform!
You’re SE/SC, be in Lion Mode to hunt new relationships!
You’re FM, be in a Lion Mode to handle NaXum’s money with care!
You’re HR Hunter, be in Lion Mode to bring more candidates to HR!
You’re HR Champ, be in a Lion Mode to select the RIGHT People and hold the team accountable!
You’re Marketing Champ, be in a Lion mode to promote the products and services we care about!

Until I SEE YOU again,

Be brave and courageous!
FOCUS on ONE Thing!



About the Author

Phoebe graduated from the University of San Jose – Recoletos (Philippines) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her job experiences both in HR and BPO industry have prepared her to become one of the best fits for the Client Champ position as her job entry to NaXum. She worked as the bridge of communication between the clients and NaXum’s team. While doing great in her seat as a Client Champ, she accepted the Promotion from Within opportunity. She is the first HR Champ of NaXum and served as the VP of HR’s assistant in managing people and recruitment. As the company is at rapid growth, she took over the VP of HR & Finance seat when the previous VP has been promoted to a higher level seat. She took the leap of faith in jumping to the leadership team with her personal kaizen learnings. Phoebe is responsible for managing people, ensuring that NaXum has the right people who are aligned with the company’s culture and has the right skill set.

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