Posted by Blessy Casocot / February 11, 2023


As I finished my 14-day meditative journey, I found myself contemplating the variety of topics I went through – helping others, being at the right place, the right time, generosity, forgiveness, etc. Of the 14, the discussion that struck me the most was the one about money. This allowed me to realize that the desire for money is what really corrupts people, not money itself. This indicates that greed is the source of all evil in the world; we should not let it control or change our character. Instead, we should use it to bless others. This reminds me of how God gave us His overflowing blessings. He blessed us with the things that we need and sometimes he even gave us the things that we didn’t ask for or imagine. And, as the receiver of God’s blessings, we should be a vessel to share these blessings with others.

Based on my observation what we do with our money can be seen as either morally right or wrong. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are also some of the most charitable. Giving up significant portions of their earnings, salaries, and stock options to charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, churches, enterprises, investment possibilities, and individuals who are struggling financially.


Looking back on my journey here in NaXum, I have realized how the company has been an instrument for me to be a channel of blessings to others. My ability to serve others has greatly increased since I began receiving weekly paychecks. It is because of this; I was able to share with complete strangers and those who were less fortunate out on the streets.

Now my desire to conduct a feeding program and pay-it-forward activities will be made possible. Money can make a huge difference in people’s lives, both personally and socially. The same amount of money can be spent for good or bad purposes. All of us should make the conscious decision to be financially secure and to use that security to do well in the world. In addition, the vast majority of individuals who profess the view that wealth is the primary contributor to society’s ills are avid purchasers of lottery tickets and participants in any and all financial contests that can be found.


The experiences that I had in the past helped shape my personality into one that is capable of handling monetary matters in a responsible manner. I did not grow up with everything that I wanted, and my grandmother taught me to work hard for the things I wanted and not only to work hard for myself but to give back to others. Thus, it made me realize how fulfilling it is to extend such a blessing, knowing that is something that I work hard for. I want to leave a great impact, not just on other people, but also in NaXum, the company that has provided me with the means to bless others.


I wanted to impart to the readers the guiding principle that I’ve always followed; “the more you give, the more you receive.” I can attest to how blessed I am in all aspects of my life because I am applying this principle. When I was in college, whenever the to help others came, I always chose to arose to the occasion to do so, even if it meant parting with what little money, I had left goes a long way; I have witnessed the people to whom I have lent money to continue to bless others as well. This is a cycle that completes itself. It has a domino effect, and even up to now, I am left completely overwhelmed. It just shows that money has power and, like uncle, Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility; it all depends on the person, whether they will use it for good or for wrong.

To wrap up, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to NaXum. They have provided me with such a rich learning environment. Each individual within the company is an incredible driving force and when we all work together as one mechanism, moving in the same direction, amazing accomplishments can be attained. I can personally attest to the ways in which it strengthens my personality and provides me with opportunities to grow professionally. As much as the people around me would say that I have been a blessing to them, I can say NaXum has done the same for me. Now I can truly say that I am blessed to be a blessing to others.


Blessy Casocot

About the Author

Blessy holds a degree in BS Psychology from Caraga State University in Butuan City. She is a mental health advocate and the go-to person for her friends. Blessy is a giver and a happy-go-lucky; helping others is her passion and happiness. She was very active at the beginning of the (COVID-19 pandemic) lockdown. She organized a donation drive to assist those in need. She expressed gratitude that, with the help of her friends and family, they were able to assist and provide relief goods to over 300 families in her town. She is also a regular blood donor and has been awarded a “galloner” by the Philippine National Red Cross. These are just a few of the ways she gives back to the community and shares her blessings. Even with her hectic schedule, she is ensuring that she continues whatever she has started. Nothing, according to Blessy, is more fulfilling for a mental health advocate than being able to inspire others and change their lives. Encourage kindness. Because she is convinced that kindness can make a significant difference in making the world a better place to live. Fortunately, she believes she has found a home in NaXum.

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